Two Way Radio Hire for Sports Events, Music Festivals, Films Sets & Security

Two Way Radio Hire for Sports Events, Music Festivals, Films Sets & Security
At EARS, we have 20+ years of radio comms expertise. Based in West London, we provide two-way radio hire services to organisers of Sport Events, Music Festivals and, Business Conferences.

We also rent walkie talkies to Movie Studio Crews, Corporate Security Staff, Catering companies and Nightclub Doormen. Our clients include Wembley, London Olympics, Twickenham, Wembley, BBC, Westfield, RFU, Universal and Renault.

Our clients benefit from the latest radio comms equipment from Motorola, Hytera, Tait & Icom. This means you can be sure the radios you lease, are the best on the market. Whether you are looking to hire or buy two-way radios, get in touch and we will talk you through the options available. Our team will also advise on radio licensing, signal optimisation and set-up. Call us now on 0208 964 6699 to discuss  our leasing options.

We provide two-way radio comms to some of the UK’s leading companies.

We've hired two-way radios to Universal Film Studios
We've hired two-way radios to the BBC
We've hired two-way radios to Westfield Shopping Centres
We've hired two-way radios to WASPS Rugby Club
We've hired two-way radios to Wembley Stadium
We lease two-way radios to Liberty London
We lease two-way radios to Harvey Nichols
We've hired two-way radios to Twickenham Stadium
We lease two-way radios to Arsenal FC
We've hired two-way radios to City Sprint
We lease two-way radios to Debenhams
We've hired two-way radios to Addison Lee
Two Way Radio hire for Music Festivals & Gigs

Two-Way Radio Hire for your Music Festival or Gig

We provide two-way radio hire for many outdoor music events and festivals as well as indoor gigs. Our expert comms teams can help you to better manage your crew, security teams and, catering staff so everything runs smoothly.

With over 20 years of experience under our belt, we will help to make your event run seamlessly. We know where the communication pitfalls are and can help you to prevent them before they happen.

Two Way Radio hire for Film Studios

Lease Two-Way Radios for your Film Set

Film studios and movie sets are hectic environments where communication is everything. This is especially important when the filming is across multiple locations. All crew members are working long hours and need to be on the same wavelength (quite literally) because time delays cost money.

We’ve leased two-way radios to film crews at movie studios, including Universal and Eon Productions, so we’re experts in making communication a breeze. Our flexible packages mean you can scale up and scale down, depending on your schedule.

Two Way Radio hire for Security Guards

Walkie-Talkie Radio Rental For Your Security Teams

We have leased radio comms to a large number of security companies. These includes festival security, nightclub doormen, shopping centre guards, Shopwatch schemes and, corporate security teams. In the event of an emergency, crystal clear two-way communications are vital which is why our team creates a leasing plan around your team and your venue.

We will assess your requirements in detail and suggest the best equipment to meet your needs. Learn more about our two-way radio hire for security services here.

Two Way Radio Contract Hire

Managed Two-Way Radio Contracts

EARS services a large number of customers on a long-term radio rental basis. Our clients include River Island, WalMart and, the Natural History Museum. Over the past 20 years, we have built our reputation based on reliability and trust. Our knowledgeable team and high-quality service make renting two-way radios from us very easy.

Our teams takes care of the radio licensing and set-up before your equipment arrives, and then we will deliver them to the venues of your choice. Once you are up and running, we will regularly service them and support you and your team, whenever you need it. Lose a radio? Don’t worry, we’ll get it replaced within 24 hours. You expect the best service, which is why we provide it.

Two Way Radio Service & Repair

Two-Way Radio Service & Repairs

If you already own your own two-way radios, we can provide servicing and maintenance for them with our dedicated in-house technicians. We will service and repair any brand of walkie-talkie or repeater in the fastest time possible.

We know losing comms can be detrimental to your business which is why we provide a monthly radio servicing plan where we’ll collect, repair and provide support to your teams. EARS  offers a unique ‘while you wait service’ that will enable you to benefit from our rapid UK-wide next day replacement service if your radio device is beyond repair.