Case Study: eCourier for Royal Mail
Technical features and key benefits

Earwave is Ears personalised radio communications solution for wide area coverage. We operate multiple aerial sites in and around London, providing a secure closed-circuit line of communication to and from your radio device. Regular two-way radios are usually a mile in range, whereas our independently designed radio technology Earwave, enables our clients to effectively communicate anywhere inside the London Orbital M25. We tailor each network to your specific needs based on your requirements. Earwave installation will provide clear radio communication of up to 25 miles in range and is manned by our engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring total reliability, every day of the year. We have designed this unique radio network which retains its simplicity in operation.

What Earwave delivered for eCourier for Royal Mail

eCourier is Europe’s fastest courier service. They have developed a system allowing customers to track and monitor their packages at every stage of its delivery. Ears supplied eCourier with their radio communications enabling them to meet their business objectives. Their specific package consisted of GPS tracking and 2 clear radio channels. Due to their expansion into the medical and pharmaceutical industry, they required a secure network with an extensive area of coverage. Ears had the technology to provide them with this and employed an eCourier to acquire an instant solution for their business needs. eCourier’s medical clients needed to know:

  1. Package tracking at all times
  2. A guarantee there would be no interruption in communication across London.

Earwave provided additional capacity to eCourier’s radio network which resulted in their daily deliveries increasing and couriers meeting all agreed targets for delivery. Having a secure closed radio network was not only essential to their clients but it was also a priority for eCouriers service standards. With a strong understanding of their requirements, Ears continue to work alongside eCourier delivering a service to the highest industrial standards possible and monitoring Earwave at all times.

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