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As one of the premier radio brands in the world, Icom has consistently brought quality, innovation, performance and simplicity to its products since 1954. Founded in Osaka, Japan, Icom has expanded its range of two-way radios to provide communications solutions for consumers and businesses alike. If you are looking for top-tier walkie talkies and VHF radios for amateur or professional use, then there are Icom products to suit your needs.

To this day, all of Icom’s radios are produced in Japan. The company is known for its excellent standard of quality in all aspects of the production process. They also adhere to the strict ISO9001/9002 and ISO14001 quality standards. These processes require close attention to detail and a commitment to excellence to maintain.

With different products to suit every kind of communication need, Icom walkie talkies provide a high degree of performance and reliability for a wide variety of uses. Whether you are an amateur VHF radio enthusiast or an adventurer of any type, then Icom two-way radio hires are an excellent option.

Why Are Icom Two-Way Radios Are A Good Choice?

Icom two-way radios are a great option for users who want a reliable yet affordable VHF radio unit to use in virtually any context. They are great for amateur use but also have enough safety features and other components to make them ideal for professional or occupational use as well. If you are part of a security team, organizing a concert or a large-scale event or if you are working on a construction site and need to keep in touch with your team, then there are great options to choose from in the Icom arsenal.

EARS Plc is proud to provide Icom products as part of their mission to fulfil the comprehensive walkie talkie communications needs of their customers. They are honoured to have been included in Icom’s authorized distribution network. EARS Plc appreciates the high-quality products that Icom is known for and this makes Icom a natural choice for EARS Plc.

What Are Some Of The Icom Walkie Talkies Offered By EARS Plc?

IC-U20SR Ultra Compact PMR446 Licence Free Two-Way Radio

IC-U20SR Ultra Compact PMR446 Licence Free Two-Way Radio

The licence-free Icom IC-U20SR is a stylish, ultra-compact PMR446 two-way radio that effortlessly fits in the palm of your hand. Built to IP54 dust and water resistance, meeting MIL-STD810G standards, this radio combines user-friendly features, including a well-designed front panel layout with simple operation, long battery life and clear audio, all housed within a lightweight yet durable polycarbonate case.

Ultra-Compact, Smart Design
Ultra-compact, the IC-U20SR measures only 50(w)x26.7(d)x94(h) mm, so it takes up little space in your pocket or on your belt. In addition, the IC-U20SR is very light, weighing only 156 grams. It is perfect for people who work in retail, restaurants and hospitality when you need a discrete device that provides great performance.

High definition and clear LCD with 4 Digits with 14 Segments
The IC-U20SR has a large high-definition LCD screen with reinforced glass that shows you which channel you are on, the battery life, and the settings chosen clearly.

IP54 dust and Water Resistant. Meets MIL-STD810G Spec.
Waterproof to IP54 and approved by military certification MIL-STD810-G, the Icom IC-U20SR is protected against dust, water splashes and shock to withstand heavy use.

Up to 21 Hours of Operation with Supplied Battery
The supplied BP-304A, 2350 mAh Lithium-Ion battery can provide up to 21-hour long operation so that it can be used continuously during day and night work shifts without recharging. The BP-304A can be fully charged with the BC-262, Charging Cradle, in approximately 5 hours.

Multiple USB Charging Options
There are three different ways of charging the IC-U20SR. In addition to charging with the BC-262 charging cradle, there is a direct radio body connection charging with USB Type-C cable* and charging BP-304A with a BC-264 battery charger.
* USB Type-C™ cable is for only battery charging, with no data transfer function.

2 programmable Buttons (inc. Orange Emergency button on top of radio)
The Icom IC-U20SR radio has two programmable keys which can be reprogrammed according to your need and use. An orange emergency button is on the top of the radio that, with a long press, can send an emergency audio signal to the other devices on your agreed channel.

The second is a side button that allows the Call-Ring function to make group calls by ringing other Icom portables. Smart-ring function is also available which checks whether a group member is in range or not.

PTT from Headset and Earphone Microphone
There are a variety of headsets, microphones and earphone-microphones. The built-in VOX function provides convenient hands-free operation with the HS-94, HS-95 and HS-97 headsets when used with the OPC-2006LS VOX conversion cable.

Other Features
• CTCSS / DTCS tone squelch
• 600 mW loud and clear audio
• ‘Over-The-Air’ Programming
• VOX function for hands-free operation

IC-U20SR Ultra Compact PMR446 Licence Free Two-Way Radio


These models are the ideal entry-level VHF radio offerings from Icom. While the number of features of these models may be less than some of Icom’s more advanced VHF radios, the F1000 and F2000 are solid options for most purposes. They come complete with man down and lone worker features, an emergency alarm and voice announcements. This makes them a great choice for those who are looking to buy two-way radio with safety in mind. The bright backlight of these units also makes them compatible with nighttime use.

These models are compact, durable and lightweight. With added waterproofing and dust-proofing protection, they are robust against being dropped and against the elements. The battery is long-lasting and will hold up for the length of a long workday, usually up to twelve hours of functionality.

You can also be confident that the loud front speaker will enable the user to hear clearly regardless of any background noises.


IC-F3002/F4002 Series

IC-F3002/F4002 VHF/UHF Professional Two Way Radio Series

The IC-F3002/F4002 series of entry level handportable radios offer simple operation, outstanding audio, high performance and strong commercial build. The series, divided into the IC-F3002 (16 channel) for VHF and IC-F4002 (16 channel) for UHF, are ideal for a wide range of business and industry sectors that are searching for a simple yet dependable communication solution.

Easy to hear in noisy environments
The IC-F3002 series radio provides 1500 mW* loud and clear audio with Icom custom high power handling capacity speaker. Clear communication is available even in noisy environments.
(* Typical with internal speaker)

Low consumption for longer operating time

A new high efficiency FET of the IC-F3002 series reduces consumption current and provides up to 31 hours* of operating time with the BP-299, 3150 mAh (typical) supplied battery pack.

* TX: RX: Standby=5: 5: 90. Power save function ON.

Simple operation for instant communication

Simplicity is the key behind the design of the IC-F3002 series. The IC-F3002 series is so easy to use there’s no special training required. The few knobs and buttons are generously sized for easy operation and are designed to provide non-slip, positive action — even while wearing gloves. This simple interface makes it ideal for high turnover environments and shift work where the radio is constantly passed from person to person.

Weather resistant, dust protection, military rugged

While the radio is a compact unit with a height of only 111mm the radio is tested to dust protection and water resistant equivalent to IP54 and 11 categories of MIL-STD-810 environmental test. In short, the IC-F3002 series is built rugged!

Internal VOX capability for hands-free operation

The radio has the internal VOX capability for hands-free operation. Optional compatible headset with plug adapter cable OPC-2004LA can be used with the radio. Also, the VOX gain and VOX delay time are adjustable.

Selective calling, quiet stand-by and more

2-Tone and 5-Tone signaling gives you selective calling, quiet stand-by and other convenient functions with programming. The radio “stun” function disables a radio over the air and the “revive” function restores the stunned radio.

Scan features

The priority scan allows you to monitor one or two priority channels while scanning other non-priority channels. The Tx channel and talk back functions allow you to make a quick response while scanning.

Lone worker function

When the radio is not operated for a preset period, any radio operation is required with a beep sound. If the radio is not operated within that preset time, an emergency signal automatically transmits and alerts your co-worker or dispatcher to any potential trouble.



IC-F29SR2 Professional PMR446 Licence Free Two Way Radio

The IC-F29SR2 is the latest professional Licence Free Two Way Radio from Icom and retains the simplicity, functionality and build that made its predecessors so popular. The IC-F29SR2 boasts superior audio quality from the new internal speaker as well as new channels and still features the slim, compact body whilst retaining a robust, resistant to water and dust IP67 protection rating.

Compact & Slim, IP67 Waterproof, Tough & Rugged
The IC-F29SR2 features a slim, compact body whilst retaining a robust, resistant to water and dust IP67 protection rating.

Easy to Use Professional Licence Free Two Way Radio
There are just three controls: transmit button, volume control and 16 position rotary channel selector. This simple interface makes it ideal for high turnover environments and shift work where the radio is often passed from person to person.

16 Usable Channels
The IC-F29SR2 meets the European standard EN 300 296 and has a total of 16 channels including 8 new channels.

Rotary Channel
Up to 32 operating channels and group code (16 ch × 2 zones) can be programmed to the 16-position rotary channel knob. The operating zone can be switched with the top red button.

Ultra Powerful Audio
High-power 1500 mW capacity speaker providing powerful audio. Hear calls destined for you in all sorts of environments.

The Call-Ring function can be used to call receivers with a ringer tone. Ten different ring patterns can be selected.

Answer Back
The Smart-Ring function checks whether the receiver is in communication range with a ringer sound.

Private Conversation
The built-in inversion voice scrambler provides private conversation. Up to 16 codes are selectable.

21 Hours Operation
The supplied Li-Ion battery pack, BP-279, provides up to 21 hours of operating time. The supplied rapid charger BC-213 charges the BP-279 in 2.5 hours.

Group Call
The user programmable CTCSS and DTCS codes can be used for group call. You will only send a call to specified group members using the same tone and same channel.


IC-F27SR Professional PMR446 Licence Free Two Way Radio (Discontinued)

Outstanding audio quality, high performance and strong commercial build quality make the IC-F27SR the ideal licence free radio. Ideal for users in diverse areas such as construction, catering, event management, shopping centres, factories, farms as well as serious outdoor enthusiasts.

Up to 55 Hours of Operating Time
The IC-F27SR features highly efficient circuitry, providing up to a massive 55 hours of operating time* with the supplied BP-299 3150 mAh lithium-ion battery pack. This means it can be comfortably last an entire shift.
* Tx: Rx: Stand-by =5: 5: 90 with power save ON.

Outstanding Audio Quality
800 mW audio output is provided from the large 45 mm speaker meaning the IC-F27SR can deliver loud and intelligible audio even in extremely noisy environments such as a busy shop floor or construction site.

Just Three Main Controls
Transmit button, volume control and channel selector. This simple to use radio is ideal for high turnover environments and shift work where the radio is constantly passed from person to person.

Lightweight, Compact Body
Small size (58 × 186 × 36.5 mm) and lightweight (290 g) makes this transceiver ideal for all users.

500 mW Output Power
Provides a wide communication coverage.

Commercial Grade Construction
The IC-F27SR is extremely rugged. It has been tested to 11 categories of environmental military standards for dust protection and water resistance making it ideally suited for outdoor use.

Internal VOX for Hands-free Operation
Built-in VOX function provides convenient hands-free operation, when used with our optional headset adapter cable.

500 mW Output Power
Provides a wide communication coverage.


The Icom F4102D is another great entry-level unit from this established brand. Designed for ease of use and durability, the F4102D is a highly compact and small radio that is extremely simple to use. The unit lacks an LCD screen and a keypad, as it only includes just enough functions to make it ideal for basic use.

However, the F4102D does have lone worker safety features to make them a viable option for boosting the safety of your workers. The Lone Worker feature sends out a distress signal to other radios in the area is the user has not checked in within a specified period of time. This is highly useful for ensuring that workers who are completing projects by themselves in remote or hazardous environments will have help if they need it.

The F4102D also includes a channel announcement feature to ensure that important communications can get through a busy channel. The simple operation of this unit makes it great for instant communication and will allow your team to stay in touch with ease.


IP501 4G LTE

The Icom IP501H LTE (4G) two-way radio is a great option for bolstering the functionality of walkie talkie technology with the power of the 4G or 3G network. While calls can be made in the same way as with a conventional two-way radio, you are also able to use this model for individual calls and group calls. With this versatility, you can both receive and transmit communications at the same time, to have conversations as you would have with a cellular device.

The advantage of using a model such as the IP501H is that they do not require their own repeaters to function over a wide area. This can help you to save money on the installation and maintenance of large-scale radio network.

This model is also compact and durable like all of the products produced by Icom. Waterproofing and dust-proofing protection allow this unit to easily withstand the pressures and stresses of operating in the elements.

IP501 4G LTE

Buy Icom Two-Way Radios from EARS

These Icom products, along with other models, are available through EARS Plc. Our team offers two-way radio purchase, as well as hire on both short- and long-term lease schedules.

If you are looking for a well-crafted two-way radio for communications requirements, then consider the high-quality options offered by Icom. You will find that Icom VHF radios and two-way radios are perfect for any communications needs you might have. The walkie talkies produced by Icom are known for their lasting quality and utility, and so they make a great choice for both amateur and professional use. We also lease and sell radios from Motorola, Tait and Hytera.

If you need some help choosing the right two-way radios for your business, event or team, then get in get in touch. You can also read our two-way radio hire guide which may answer any questions you may have.

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