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Case Study: Hitachi Rail / Volker Fitzpatrick

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Technical features and key benefits

Trbonet, an innovative software platform for Mototrbo allows advanced group radio communication with its key functions allowing true control which extend the boundaries of your network.

The software supports a radio network dealing with high traffic over multiple frequencies expanding your connectivity between sites. Trbonet’s sophisticated systems can identify data directly from the radio – call recording, fault display and reverse frequency are all made possible through this software. A great deal of the systems capability is down to the Crosspatch function which connects multiple channels together for as long it’s needed. This advanced modern solution has integrated asset management capabilities stronger than regular GPS which allows you to locate all your inventory as and when required. With instant updates and emergency functions, Trbonet is a solution for any business wishing to make an impact on their communication abilities. For our client Hitachi Rail, this solution proved to be invaluable.

What Trbonet Xpatch delivered for Hitachi Rail

Hitachi Rail will be supplying brand new electric and bi-mode trains to the UK’s transport network by 2017 and Hitachi Rail has created plants across the country to develop factory links for these new trains. Ears supplied them with Trbonet software alongside connectivity solutions including Motorola Motorobo’s radios which enabled Hitachi Rail to achieve their goals..

Ears ensured there was always coverage and clarity at their main depot and by installing antenna combining equipment at the top of the building, we had the capacity to design a radio network, extending from Bristol to Doncaster which consists of 5 antennas and continuously managed by Ears. Within this system we supplied 19” inch server cabinets to house all antenna cables at each site which was a key feature for Hitachi Rail as they wanted to exercise the ability of Crosspatch, allowing communication to multiple sites via the controller. Another key function which Trbonet provides is Lone Worker. This feature is an alarm for operatives who complete work on their own eg patrols. Lone Worker sends an automatic message for the time set and if there is no response from the radio it will switch to another contact and continue to escalate until answered. This radio technology has provided Hitachi Rail with full control over their devices and network at all times.

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Mototrbo Trbonet Xpatch is available with our radio comms leasing packages. Learn more by reading our Ultimate Guide To Two-way Radio Guide.

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