Two-Way Radio Hires For Film Crews & Studios

Two-Way Radio Hires For Film Crews & Studios

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Film production can be a muddled and hectic process. From the making of low-budget independent films to summer blockbusters, communications are one aspect of production that always need to be organised and well-planned. Unclear and vague directions can lead to coordination problems that can delay your release date. Not only will having reliable communications allow your production teams to avoid unnecessary headaches and frustrations, but they can also save on your production budget in the long run by reducing delays and miscommunications. Two-way radio hires for film crews and studios from EARS Plc. are an essential solution to fulfil this need.

Who Can Benefit From A Two-Way Radio On The Film Set?

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Virtually all members of every team involved in a film production can benefit from using two-way walkie talkies. For example, these radios can be used by a director to direct scenes and make sure that all members of the production are in the right place and ready for action. With two-way radios, production managers can oversee the logistics of equipment, crew, and actors. Your art director and their team can use two-way radio solutions to ensure that the set is in good shape and ready for use. Costume designers and props teams can communicate to make sure that actors are in the correct attire and that all props are in place.

More technically, your sound team needs to ensure that all microphones and sound equipment are working effectively. This often requires communication at a distance. Camera teams also need to have a means of coordinating and ensure that shots are lined up properly. Your crew also needs to eat throughout the course of a busy day of shooting, and your catering team needs to organise meals and ensure that everyone is fed on time. Each of these tasks requires clear and reliable communications.

Maintenance staff also require two-way radios to conduct their work effectively. Electricians need to keep in touch with their team and with the lighting crew to ensure that power to the set is functioning and that all lighting is correct.

Film sets are often spread over a large area, whether that be in a major movie studio or at a remote location. In these contexts, it is essential that all members of the crew be able to reach each other, not only for the logistics of film production but also to handle any emergencies or safety issues throughout the course of the work. Hiring a two-way radio system for your film crews and studios is a reliable and effective solution.

What Technical Solutions Can Two-Way Radio Hires Provide For Film Crews And Studios?

EARS Plc. two-way radio hires can offer several technical advantages in contrast to other forms of communications on a film set. In comparison with mobile phones, for example, production sites are often remote and lack access to reliable cellular coverage. Our state-of-the-art equipment can provide effective communications coverage that caters to the specific demands of film production.

With an EARS Plc. two-way radio hire for your film crews and studio production needs, each of your teams can be outfitted with their own independent and dedicated channel. This keeps communications relevant to those who need to hear them and can help avoid the confusion of having multiple teams talking over each other. It is advisable to have some integrated channels to facilitate inter-team communication. Establishing a central control team to oversee the aspects of planning and organising communications can be a useful technique.

If your film crews are spread out over a wide area, you may also consider hiring repeaters to bolster the signal of your two-way radio hire. While the equipment used by EARS Plc. is state-of-the-art, there are limits to the range of these devices, which can be increased with effective system design.

Additional accessories may also be useful in the context of film production. Noise-cancelling headsets, for example, are useful when crewmembers need to take direction in loud natural or urban environments. Loud hailers are a solution for directors or anyone who needs to communicate to a diffused group. In-ear microphones are also a discreet way of communicating for those who need a hands-off means of staying in touch.

Beyond the technical details, your film crews should be instructed in the proper use of the equipment and provided with a brief tutorial in film studio communication specifics. Two-way radios allow only one person to speak at a time, which can take some getting used to.

What Is Provided With An EARS Plc. Two-Way Radio Hire?

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EARS Plc. can provide everything you need to set up a two-way radio system that meets the demands of your film production crews and teams. More specific details of what equipment we can offer can be found on the main Hire Radios page.

If some of your teams will be working remotely, ensure that you hire out enough spare batteries to keep communications running smoothly throughout the day.

EARS Plc. offers a large selection from their prop hire department, including old radios and base stations, military headsets, radio backpacks, and telephones from every era. Hiring a two-way radio system for your film crews and studio can be the missing ingredient for making your production authentic.

Put On A Production With EARS Plc.

We hired two-way radios to the film crew of James Bond
We hired two-way radios to the film crew of Jurassic World
We hired two-way radios to the film crew of the Bourne Films

Film crews should be actively focused on creating and capturing movie magic. Since technical difficulties and faulty communications can quickly turn an otherwise well-conceived production into a disaster, you will want to have the reassurance of an established two-way radio provider behind you. Consider an EARS Plc. two-way radio hire for your next film production. We have provided two-way radio hires for film crews and productions falling within a range of budgets, including Bond films with EON Productions, Jurassic Park and the Bourne films.

EARS Plc. offers two-way radio hires on both short-term and long-term lease schedules. With EARS Plc., you can expect that delivery and set-up of the equipment will be completed by a professional team with decades of experience in the industry.

To find out more about what an EARS Plc. hire can do to provide your film crew teams with the two-way radio solutions they need to function efficiently, contact one of our representatives today. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and provide you with the tools you need.


Need to hire two-way radios for your film or production? Get in touch and our knowledgable account who will ensure your film crew are fully kitted out with the perfect comms technology for your needs. 

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