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EARS Plc. – Walkie Talkies for Schools/Colleges And Universities

Two Way Radio Hire For Schools

Over the past 20 years, EARS has provided walkie-talkie radio hire to many schools, colleges and universities. Two-way radios, or walkie-walkies as they are sometimes referred to, ensure effective communication at every level of your staff and across the premises.

Coordination among teachers throughout the school day is necessary for organising students and ensuring that nobody is missing. Student safety is highly important and using a two-way radios to keep your team of teachers informed about student movements is useful from the very start of the day.

During fire drills, your entire team will need to keep students flowing in an orderly formation and direct them in tandem with other members of your team. Having a walkie talkies system for your school will significantly reduce the stress of these large-scale events. Hiring this equipment from EARS Plc., an industry leader in the UK for many years, will give your school staff enhanced communications abilities that can benefit many aspects of the school, college, and university environment.

Teachers need walkie talkies to communicate effectively

Even when students are arriving and leaving your school in the morning and afternoon, having staff on the property equipped with a two-way radio hire equipment will allow you to make sure that your pupils are safe. As a convenient and more discrete supplement to a school public address system, the walkie talkies can significantly improve classroom to office communications. Naturally, field trips and events pose a particularly stressful problem for teachers and event staff who need to ensure the safety and orderly conduct of their students.

Placing walkie talkies in the hands of teachers who are trained in their use will significantly reduce the likelihood of any troubles or hazards from befalling your students. Sporting and other major events at your school, college or university also require efficient communications for organising the course of the game as well as keeping the crowd happy and under control. Using a walkie talkie hire to provide security and game officials with an effective means of interacting and coordinating is a game-changing idea. They become invaluable for covering Sports Grounds and Sports fixtures which are normally a distance from the main buildings and can be a life saver should you require to alert medical staff or health and safety at a moment’s notice .

Setting the priorities for communication in your school must come right from the top. If you are a manager of a school, college or university and need to improve how communication flows in your organisation then consider a two-way radio system that is designed specifically for schools. Hiring walkie talkies for your school through EARS Plc. will ensure that you find the best solution for the communication demands of the academic environment.

Why Consider Walkie Talkies For Schools?

School walkie talkies are a simple, convenient, and reliable means of keeping lines of communication among your staff open. In a school, they can be used to benefit your teams of teachers, administrative staff, cleaners, school security staff, and groundskeepers.

Since walkie talkie hires work well both inside and outside of buildings, without the signal loss of mobile phones, they are an ideal choice for a school or university environment. At larger school or university events and assemblies, they can be effectively used by your team to keep control of crowds and organise students efficiently. They can even come in handy when your drama department is planning a major event and needs to communicate rapidly and effectively behind the scenes.

Walkies Talkie can be charged in bulk at school

Technical Considerations For Walkie Talkie Hire

Each Teacher or Team can have their own two way radio channel

One essential aspect of walkie talkie hire that provides a significant benefit for school environments is the ability for each team on your staff to have its own channel. This way, members of your staff can direct their messages to the right people without unnecessarily interrupting the rest of your school as with a public address system. With up to ninety-nine channels available on a standard two-way radio hire, you can divide your teams up into any imaginable communications configurations and even have dedicated emergency channels.

For discrete communications among your school security team, there are also optional earpieces for hire. These are also useful for groundskeeping staff who need to keep their hands free and still keep in touch with other members of your team.

Two-way radios can be in-ear and discreet

Since you will need to keep your radios functioning throughout the length of the school day, having sufficient spare batteries and chargers is an important thing to consider when looking for the best walkie talkies for schools.

Depending on the needs of your academic environment, EARS Plc. can set up anything from a simple back to back simplex system to more complex arrangements for specific needs.

What Is Provided With An EARS Plc. Walkie Talkie Radio Hire?

EARS Plc. can provide everything you need to set up a two-way radio system that meets the demands of your school’s communications needs. We can also provide with instruction in the basic use of the best walkie talkies for schools. We will also provide the relevant two-way radio accessories for individual roles and responsibilities. More specific details of what equipment we can offer can be found on the main Hire Radios page.

In a school or university context, an important consideration with walkie talkie hires is making sure to have enough area-wide coverage. For this purpose, you might also require the hire of repeaters for long-range receiving and transmitting to ensure that communications are clear and consistent for all areas throughout the grounds. Standard two-way radio hires come with a working range of three miles depending on the terrain which is likely enough for most academic environments. EARS Plc. also offers noise-cancelling headsets and loud hailers to ensure that loud crowds of students will not drown out important messages during larger events and assemblies.

While you and your staff may be new to the world of two-way radios for schools, it takes experience to know how to properly set up a two-way radio system for maximum efficiency. Consider the unique communication demands of your sporting events and EARS Plc. will be happy to assist you in finding a two-way radio solution for hire. Regardless of your needs, EARS Plc. will ensure that all equipment is up-to-date and in good working order.

Two-way radio accessories

Schools, Colleges & Universities that use EARS Plc for Walkie Talkie Radio Hire

University of Westminster Student Union
University of West London
University of Warwick
University Of Sussex

University of Oxford
University of Luton Students Union
University Of London Boat Club
University Of London

University of East Anglia
The Robert Gordon University
Peoples Palace Projects
Queen Mary University

University Of Hertfordshire
University of Derby
University of Durham
London Hyperbaric Medicine Ltd

London Metropolitan University
Goldsmiths University of London
University College London
UCS Hampstead

Thames Valley University

We also lease walkie talkie radios to the following educational organisations

Lycee International Winston Churchill school
American School London
Benenden School Kent (where Princess Anne attended)
Central School of Speech and Drama
Queen Margaret’s School York
Willowdene School Greenwich
Imperial College
East Berkshire College
University College London
Arbour Vale School
Benenden School (Kent Limited)
Beth Jacob Grammar School for Girls
Chancellors School
Fortismere Secondary School
GEMS Hampshire School
Green Lanes School Association
Greenford High School
Heathfield School
Hexham Middle School
Highgate School
Highlands School
Holland Park School
Kings College School
King’s House School Enterprises Ltd
Lady Margaret School
London School of Economics

The Central School Of Speech & Drama
The Hertfordshire & Essex High School
The Latimer Building
The Nobel School
The Robert Gordon University
University College School
Wanstead High School
Willowdene school
Bluemoon College
British Universities & College Sports
Digital London Limited
Dorney Lake Services Ltd
East Berkshire College
Hansard Courier Company Ltd T/a West End
Immanuel College
Imperial College London
Imperial College Union
Kings College School
Pembrokeshire College
Pembrokeshire College
ProSentry Security Ltd
Ravensbourne College
Roshbourne T/A Park Royal Radio Cars
Sir George Monoux College
Smith & Williamson Roc`Soc Live 2007

Noam Primary School
Norland Place School
North Cheshire Jewish Primary School
Park Hill School
Queen Margaret’s School
Red Sparrow Films
Riddlesdown High School
Saint Ronan’s School
Shaftesbury High School
St Marys CE Primary School
St Pauls Girls School
Stag Lane Infant & Nursery School
The American School in London
The Carol Allen School Of Dance
Trent College
University College London
University College School
University Of Hertfordshire Galleries
West Thames College
Meadowhead School
Medburn Park Riding School
National Film & Television School
New Inn Primary School

A Walkie Talkie Hire That Is Not Just Another Brick In The Wall

As the manager of a school, the need to coordinate your students and ensure their safety during special events and day-to-day activities needs to be your highest priority. Staying in contact with school security and key members of your staff is essential to warn of potential hazards, so you will want to have the reassurance of an established two-way radio provider behind you. Consider an EARS Plc. two-way radio hire for use in your school. We currently provide some of the best walkie talkies for schools for University College London and St. Ronan’s School.

EARS Plc. offers hire of the best walkie talkies for schools on both short- and long-term lease schedules. With EARS Plc., you can expect that delivery and set-up of the equipment will be completed by a professional team with decades of experience in the industry.

To find out more about what an EARS Plc. hire can do to provide your schools with the two-way radio solutions they need to function efficiently, contact one of our representatives today. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and provide you with the tools you need.

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Need to hire two-way radios for your school, college or university? Get in touch and our knowledgable account who will ensure your staff is supplied with the best radio comms technology for your needs. 

About EARS plc

For over 20 years, EARS Plc has provided two-way radio hire and communications solutions to some of the UK’s leadings organisation. As a leader in the industry, we have the experience, technical knowledge and in-house expertise to deliver walkie talkie radio systems for any situation.

EARS provides two-way radio hire services (walkie talkies) to Sports Events, Music Festivals Schools, Security Guards and Retail Stores. We have worked with some global brands, including Wembley, BBC, Renault, Universal, Walmart, River Island and Debenhams.

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