Telephone Interconnect

Telephone Interconnect
Technical features and key benefits

Telephone Interconnected via Mototrbo now provides a comprehensive radio network that has revolutionised the way we communicate. Interlinking the new Teldio RBX+ with Cisco’s PBX system, allows you to make and receive calls from your Mototrbo Hand portable two-way radio to any telephone network. The RBX+ provides the functionalities of a modern office handset to your Mototrbo including; Phonebook, Call transfer, Call recording and much more. This forward thinking technology has enhanced multi-site communication between staff in the workplace and engineers out on the field. Creating real-time pathways for information to be exchanged, the RBX+ evidently improves productivity and efficiency levels with the flexibility provided in its features.

Advantages of Telephone Interconnect & GPS Indoor Tracking Services

  • Telephone Interconnect is an advanced radio feature that provides telephone functionality on your hand portable radio
  • Radio systems can be designed to work in areas where there is no mobile phone coverage
  • Telephone interconnect allows non radio users to contact users on the radio network
  • Call Recording option
  • Visualise the individual position of each radio

What Telephone Interconnect delivered for Telecity

This system proved extremely beneficial to our client Telecity (now Equinix), a European giant in the data world. They operate data centres in prime city locations, providing safe connectivity environments for companies which store sensitive information within our digital economy. Their data centres are located between Manchester and London with their control centre based also in London. One of the terms in Telecity’s service level agreement to their clients, is to promise to know who and where their engineers are, within their centres at all times. Telephone Interconnect was an instant solution to a missing link in their communication. Ears provided TRBOnet system software alongside Motorola Mototrbo radios and repeaters allowing Telecity to identify all registered engineers GPS location anywhere within their network.

Ears also provided the Teldio Interconnect System which includes a key function enabling Telecity to identify which radios are within communication range. Since the installation of this software, Telecity are now able to engage with their radios from any telephony user that requires quick and direct access. This conglomerate of technology has now empowered communication within the company and this system provides another additional function which enables their control centre to create communication pathways to radios on separate networks for any amount of time. Telecity have now upgraded their multi-site communication abilities enhancing the competencies of their engineers and have full control of the operations throughout the business.

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