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Two-Way Radio Hires For Music Festivals And Events

With the increasing popularity of music festivals and concerts around the world, the number of people attending such events is on the rise. Accordingly, the scale of music festivals has expanded making these events a logistical challenge. Especially in settings with multiple stages and thousands of attendees, keeping track of all teams and ensuring the safety of all is challenging but essential. While a lot goes into making a music festival run without a hitch, effective communication is critical. Hiring two-way radios for music festivals and events is a reliable tool for this task.

Who Can Benefit From A Two-Way Radio At A Music Event?

Two-way radios or walkie talkies are commonly used by event management staff at music events everywhere. Consider the diverse array of services and teams provided at a major music event. Any team responsible for tasks requiring organisation, coordination, or timing needs to be in continual contact via a reliable means. For example, festival security requires the use of two-way radios at entry and exit points, queuing areas, as well as patrols through the event space. Stage areas need to be secured, and backstage, band members and personnel need to be kept safe. Reliable communication via walkie talkies is critical to coordinating observations and efforts to restrict entry to these areas.

Beyond security, production teams need to keep the event running smoothly. This requires real-time coordination from diverse members of your staff, including lighting and sound crews, as well as the mixing desk control team. Catering staff needs to keep in touch with each other to ensure a continual restocking of supplies to keep bars and food outlets running smoothly and properly staffed. Even ticketing staff require a means of coordinating and communicating regarding ticket availability. Cleaning staff needs a means of organising their efforts to effectively remove waste and mop up any spills or health hazards.

We hire two-way radios to music lighting engineers

During the event, your camera crews need to keep in contact to ensure that shots are lined up and that the correct shots are being filmed. Event management staff need to maintain crowd control and keep the overall event flowing smoothly. Perhaps most importantly of all, your first aid staff need to be able to receive incoming demands for their expertise quickly and to deliver responses immediately, especially during emergencies and potentially life or death situations.

This extensive and diverse array of specialised teams, all of which are essential to running a music festival or event, can all benefit from hiring a two-way radio service.

What Technical Solutions Can Two-Way Radio Hires Provide For Music Festivals And Events?

EARS Plc. two-way radio hires can offer several technical advantages to other forms of communications at a music event, in comparison with mobile phones, for example. Our state-of-the-art equipment can provide effective communications coverage that caters to the specific demands of major music events.

Specific to the music event context, EARS Plc. can offer moulded earpieces for musicians or acts to receive communications in a hands-off way. Since music festivals usually take place over an extensive area, repeaters and base stations can be set up to ensure that communications coverage is clear over a wide range.

Hiring a two-way radio service with EARS Plc. for music festivals and events will allow you to set up your teams with their own independent and dedicated channels. This can help to limit confusion and keep communications clear by segmenting exchanges of information within relevant teams. It is also recommended that you plan and use some integrated channels to facilitate inter-team communications. Emergency channels can also be used to broadcast to everyone at once in the case of serious problems.

Security Guard with Two-Way Radio Hire at Music Event

Major music event managers should also consider using a central command centre to organise communications in a general way. The use of two-way radios in this context can also be supplemented with CCTV to keep an eye on things and relay messages and information to appropriate personnel.

What Is Provided With An EARS Plc. Two-Way Radio Hire?

Two-way radio accessories

EARS Plc. can provide everything you need to set up a two-way radio hire system that meets the demands of your music festivals and events. More specific details of what equipment we can offer can be found on our main Hire Radios page.

Various other accessories and additions can be useful in a music festival context. For example, noise-cancelling headsets are useful for staff or volunteers who are near large crowds or speaker systems and need to remain in touch. Loud hailers can be useful for relaying information to crowds for organisational or emergency purposes. In-ear microphones are an excellent solution for a discrete and hands-off way of supplying your security team with radio service.

If the two-way radio is functioning poorly in the heat of the action, members of your staff can use the telephone interconnect feature to call out as a back-up method of communication.

Put On A Performance With EARS Plc.

We've hired two-way radios to Twickenham Stadium
Two way radio hire for Notting Hill Carnival
We hired two-way radios to Fabric Nightclub
Two-way radio hire for Kisstory festival

As part of a music event management team, you should be concerned with putting on a great show. Since technical difficulties and faulty communications can quickly turn an otherwise well-conceived event into a disaster, you will want to have the reassurance of an established two-way radio provider behind you. Consider an EARS Plc. two-way radio hire for your next music festival or event. We have provided two-way radio hires for music events of all magnitudes, including a Metallica concert in Twickenham, the Notting Hill Carnival, as well as Fabric Nightclub and Kisstory / Eldorado events.

EARS Plc. offers two-way radio hires on both short- and long-term lease schedules. With EARS Plc., you can expect that delivery and set-up of the equipment will be completed by a professional team with decades of experience in the industry.

To find out more about what an EARS Plc. Hire can do to provide your music festival and event teams with the two-way radio solutions they need to function efficiently, contact one of our representatives today. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and provide you with the tools you need.


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