Tait Two Way Radio Hire

Tait Two-Way Radio Hire

 With over fifty years of experience in the communications industry, Tait Communications offers a host of innovative and highly functional two-way radio products for both consumer and commercial use. Tait Communications is a major multinational player in the communications industry, though they are based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Christchurch is also the home of its primary manufacturing and distribution centre.

With a vision for creating safer and more proactive critical communications, they continually stay at the cutting edge of contemporary technological developments. At the same time, they have established a reputation for working with a customer-focused approach. This makes using their products for a two-way radio hire a great choice.

Tait’s core values revolve around a commitment to listen, the courage to act and the integrity to deliver on their promises. With this in mind, you can be confident that any of the Tait two-way radios that you use, such as the Tait TP9300, will make a great addition to your communications network.

Why Are Tait Two-Way Radios A Good Choice?

Unlike many companies in the communications industry, Tait takes an almost philosophical approach to their product design and customer service. They are highly focused on pro-social causes in addition to manufacturing and supplying the world with top-tier walkie talkies and other communications products. Since 2005, their sole shareholder has been a charitable foundation that continues to implement the vision of their founder, Sir Angus Tait, “to create an industry, not a business.” In practice, this means that – beyond the company’s operating costs – all profits are apportioned to research and development, regional reinvestment and education.

Beyond the social good that the company accomplishes, Tait Communications also provides some of the best walkie talkie products on the market today. Tait Communications has worked with major corporate clients such as London Buses, Madison County Fire Department, TriMet (Oregon, USA), Country Fire Authority, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, and TasRail (Tasmania, Australia). With this impressive resumé, you can expect that if you opt for Tait two-way radios for your next radio hire, you will not be disappointed.

Tait products are generally engineered to be robust enough to withstand even the harshest environments. The TP9300, for example, has been specifically designed to be “one of the toughest, professional-grade radios ever made.” They can be dropped from up to six feet onto solid concrete and survive intact. They are also capable of being immersed in one metre of water for up to two hours, or two meters of water for up to thirty minutes, with no damage. All components are tested for durability to ensure that there are no weak points when it comes to taking these units out into the field. Tait’s DMR Tier 3 platform also supports the best available security and encryption technology to keep your data and communications secure.

Tait two-way radios are also known for their advanced safety features. The Intrinsically Safe features in their walkie talkies allow these devices to be used in hazardous areas where non-IS radios may present a risk to workers. The DMR Tier 3 platform also allows for enhanced clarity in communications, which is essential when workers are completing jobs where any misunderstandings could be harmful.

For all of these reasons, EARS Plc. is proud to stock Tait products to provide our clients with high-end two-way radio hire solutions. Partnering with Tait is a natural choice for EARS Plc., given the brand’s continued commitment to excellence and its highly socially-conscious approach to doing business.

What Are Some Of The Tait Walkie Talkies Offered By Plc.?

TP9300 Two-Way Radio

Tait Communication’s TP9300 model is a highly reliable addition to your communications network. As a modern digital walkie talkie, the TP9300 is designed for “mission-critical environments”. It offers both conventional and trunked DMR operation in one device. Your team will also benefit from the built-in GPS, Bluetooth wireless technology and IP67 protection.

The TP9300 also provides encryption support as well as text messaging and status calls to offer extra security and safety for users operating in unsafe or potentially dangerous locations. High-end speakers also provide crystal-clear audio quality that will ensure ease of hearing even in loud or busy environments.

In an industry where most products are the same jet-black colour, Tait’s TP9300 two-way radio can also be hired in red, yellow, orange and high-visibility green.


TM9300 Mobiles

Quad-Mode for a simple migration

Each TM9300 is capable of four different modes: Analog Conventional, MPT-1327, DMR Tier 2, and DMR Tier 3. This makes the migration process easier than ever before – start migrating by installing TM9300s that operate in analog mode. Once your DMR network is built, each TM9300 can easily switch to digital.

Increased Worker Safety

Worker safety is the top priority for our customers, which is why Lone Worker is standard on every TM9300. Emergency calls have priority access to the network, and crystal-clear voice helps users to understand each other. GPS and Location Services give dispatch the knowledge of where to send help when it’s needed, and send it fast. TM93 GPS & Tait GeoFencing can be used in in all 4 modes – conventional analog, MPT, DMR Tier 2 and DMR tier 3.

Tait Unified Vehicle Ready

Both new and existing TM9300s can be upgraded with Tait Unified Vehicle, which loads your mobile radio with more computing power, WiFi, wireless broadband, and more. Increase productivity and safety with more connectivity, powerful new applications, and comprehensive APIs. Learn more about Tait Unified Vehicle

Increased Business Efficiency

The voice and data capabilities of the TM9300 provide many avenues for improving efficiency. Send short, pre-defined data messages for location or status. Location Services helps you pinpoint the location of a problem & find nearby staff who can help, improving response time. TM93 GPS and Tait GeoFencing can be used in in all 4 modes – conventional analog, MPT, DMR Tier 2 and DMR tier 3.

A range of configurable models and accessories

The TM9300 has a range of control heads, including a Hand Held Control Head or a Graphical Control Head (single or dual). Each option is capable of local or remote operation. There are also multiple color options, to make it easier for workgroups to identify the right equipment.

Tait Tough

The TM9300 has a rugged build with an IP54 rating, water-resistant control head, and exceeds relevant MIL-STD-810G tests for vibration, shock, humidity, and more. You can rest assured that when you invest in a Tait mobile radio, it is an investment that will last.

TB7300 Base Station/Repeater

The Tait TB7300 is a software flexible, rugged base station/repeater for DMR Tier 3 and DMR Tier 2 systems, or Analog repeaters. The TB7300 integrates seamlessly with the proven Tait 9300 series high performance base station. Its slim, 1U design forms part of an intelligent building block of an end-to-end network solution, which includes base stations, terminals and Tait network management software applications.

KEY FEATURES – Multi-mode platform supporting Analog Conventional, AS-IP( Analog Simulcast over IP), MPT,DMRConventional, DMR Trunking and P25 Conventional modes

– Dual mode automatic switching between Analog and DMR Tier2 (single repeater)

– Simple change of model through the web interface, or program complex operations with TaskBuilder

– Ultra-narrow band 6.25kHz equivalent technology for DMR modes (2x TDMA channels inone12.5kHz channel)

– Adherence to the DMR Tier 2 & Tier 3 standards – Tait DMR Access and Express solution compatible

– Simulcast and Voting in AS-IP, DMR and P25 Conventional networks

– DMR fall back into single site operation – Migration Capability fromTait MPT toDMR Tier3 trunked network

– MPT fallback into MPT single site operation or Analog conventional channel

– Migration capability fromTait AS-IPto P25 Conventional network, with dual mode, simplex and DFSI capabilities or toTait DMR simulcast

– Analog Line(supporting4 wireE&M) in analog mode for RF linking connection and local console support

– Efficient system infrastructure scalability based on IP network connectivity

– Extensive range of remote management and monitoring capabilities with a security focus

– Built-in basic spectrum analyser provides on-site diagnostics

– 1u Slimline design with13.8VDCor AC mains power supply options

– High performance receiver covers full frequency range with no manual adjustment

Tait TB7100 Base Station Repeater VHF

Tait TB7100 Base Station Repeater VHF

The TB7100 is a compact, cost-effective base station/repeater for use as a line-controlled base, talk through repeater, RF modem, data repeater or with TaitNet TN1100 MPT 1327 trunking system.

Product Description

Key Features

  • 200 channels with CTCSS and DCS sub-audible signaling
  • VHF Frequency
  • Two digit LCD display
  • Four programmable function keys
  • Full duplex operation (when fitted with optional duplexer)
  • Tone on idle and CWID
  • Entire unit housed in a 1U high rack, including internal power supply
  • Capable of operation at ambient temperatures of up to 140°F (60°C) and lowest -22°F (-30°C)
  • Fans and heatsink designed to give 200 per cent transmit duty cycle
  • Programmable fan operation
  • Integral monitor speaker for audio testing
  • 9-way RS232 serial data port
  • 25-way system interface for connecting external equipment
  • Low standby power consumption (140mA in economy mode, 25W)

TB9300 (Repeater)

The Tait TB9300 Base Station/Repeater is perfect for boosting the signal and range of your two-way radios and walkie talkies. This unit is ideal for both conventional and trunked communications or even for use with IP connected or digital DMR Tier 2 or Tier 3 networks.

The TB9300 is easy to set up and can provide you with an efficient means of designing a flexible communications network. As the manufacturer outlines, the TB9300 base stations are spectrally efficient and provide a 6.25kHz equivalent operation using 2 x TDMA channels in one 12.5kHz channel. This provides better capacity now and will allow you to remain “future-proof” with options for expansion down the road.

TB9300 (Repeater)

Choose Tait For Your Next Two-Way Radio Hire

These Tait products, along with other models, are available through EARS Plc. Our team offers two-way radio hires on both short- and long-term lease schedules. To find out more about what an EARS Plc hire can do to provide you with the two-way radio solutions you need to improve your communications, contact one of our representatives today. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and provide you with the Tait products that you need.

If you are looking for a top-tier two-way radio for your next radio hire, then consider the high-quality options offered by Tait. You will find that Tait two-way radios, especially the Tait TP3000, are perfect for any communications needs you might have. The walkie talkies produced by Tait are known for their reliability and performance, and so they make a great choice for both amateur and professional use. We also lease and sell radios from Motorola, Hytera and Icom.

If you need some help choosing the right two-way radios for your business, event or team, then get in get in touch. You can also read our two-way radio hire guide which may answer any questions you may have.

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