Motorola Two-Way Radio Hire

Motorola is one of the most prominent names in the radio communications industry. Founded in 1928 in the United States, the company is one of the oldest names in the field. For this reason, even the casual radio enthusiast is keenly aware of the importance of Motorola in the broader context of two-way radios. With a long-standing reputation for excellence, the company was actually split into two separate entities in 2011. The telecommunications arm, Motorola Solutions, continues to pursue the latest in high-tech portable digital two-way radios, Bluetooth earpieces and radio systems technology.

Motorola Solutions is committed to providing high-end portable digital radios, with many accessories including earpieces, for use in a variety of professional and amateur settings. They are aimed at making products that serve as a “lifeline” in terms of providing unparalleled communications support for a wide range of mission-critical needs and as well as for more everyday situations.

Why Are Motorola Two-Way Radios A Good Choice?

Motorola’s legendary reputation in the walkie talkie industry makes their products a great addition to the EARS Plc. catalogue. With many satisfied professional and amateur clients in many countries throughout the world, it is clear that the company takes the development of their products seriously.

Motorola’s diverse set of products contains many useful features that match or surpass the technology offered by other two-way radio suppliers. Their portable digital radios meet all manner of quality specifications that are recognized by suppliers around the world. With an eye on supplying top-tier communications services for first responders and public safety professionals everywhere, they incorporate the latest in safety and security technology to allow their products to be used in harsh and dangerous environments.

Motorola’s two-way radios are also well-known for their outstanding battery life. If you are looking for a two-way radio hire that you can rely on for hours on end without interruption, then consider the robustness of the Motorola brand.

On top of these advantages, Motorola is also recognized for the quality of its two-way radio accessories. From earpieces to repeaters, the company offers everything a person or organization needs to establish a high-functioning communications system that works well.

What Are Some Of The Motorola Walkie Talkies Offered By EARS Plc.?

EARS Plc. is proud to stock a wide range of Motorola products. With many different options to choose from, making a selection can be difficult. Some of the most popular items used by our existing satisfied customers include:

Motorola R2 – Digital & Analogue

A next-level workhorse, the MOTOTRBO R2 marries durability and ergonomics to ensure confident, easy handling. With superior range, configurable audio and seamless integration, the R2 is a reliable addition to an uninterrupted workday. Use with confidence, block out the noise and integrate with ease.

The R2 is fully compatible with the MOTOTRBO family of radios and has superior audio quality, outstanding coverage, long-lasting battery life and more.

Digital Only

*Analogue Only

** Analogue and Digital

(Digital features can be added to this analogue radio by purchasing and installing a licence key).

  • Analogue mode*
  • Digital mode
  • DMR standards compliant
  • 64 channels**
  • 2 programmable buttons**
  • Pre-programmed text messaging
  • Voice announcements**
  • Home channel reminder**
  • Late entry
  • Dual priority scan
  • Nuisance channel delete**
  • Secure Enhanced Linux operating system**
  • TLS-PSK CPS/RM – Radio/repeater authentication
  • Rental timer**
  • Internal Voice Operated Transmission (VOX)**
  • Wide range of accessories**
  • IP55 dust and water ingress protection**
  • Rugged to MIL-STD 80**
  • Acoustic feedback suppressor**
  • User selectable audio profiles**
  • Trill enhancement for rolling rs**
  • SINC+ noise suppression (Requires Licence)
  • Automatic gain control**
  • Received audio leveling**
  • Basic privacy
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Transmit Interrupt
  • Remote monitor
  • Radio disable / enable
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
  • Single-site conventional**
  • Extended Range Direct Mode
  • Lone worker**
  • Emergency alert**
  • Analog scrambling*
  • Quick Call II / MDC1200 capable*

You can also choose the analogue-only R2 model, which gives you great voice communications today, with a path to crisp and clear digital voice communications when you’re ready. All you will need is a simple software upgrade.

Motorola R2

Motorola R7

You are viewing the Motorola Solutions R7 Full-Keypad Hand Portable Radios available in 2 separate versions, CAPABLE and PREMIUM. These products are recently launched, and their full capability can been seen under the ‘Features Tab’ on this page.

The NEW Motorola Solutions R7 Series of radios includes the R7a, the R7 Capable and the R7 Premium. The R7 Capable and Premium are available in full keypad and non-keypad versions.

The R7a radio has a fixed feature set, the R7 Capable can be upgraded by licence key to activate additional features and the R7 Premium is supplied fully featured from the box. *

MOTOTRBO™ R7 is a digital portable two-way radio that offers loud, clear, and customisable audio in a rugged, dependable, and connected device. Its advanced audio processing ensures that your voice is always understood, while the rugged construction is ready for the toughest environments.

*(Licences for Cap Max and AES Encryption are at additional cost across all R7 models including R7a)

Motorola model R7

Motorola VB400 Body-Worn Camera

Introducing the new Motorola VB400 body-worn camera – the ultimate solution for your team’s safety and productivity. With a powerful mix of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, live streaming becomes a breeze, connecting your team to the control room in real-time.

The VB400 captures crystal-clear footage with its Full HD recording in 1080p, delivering top-of-the-line video quality to your team’s workflow. And with military-standard testing, you can trust that the VB400 is built to withstand even the toughest environments.

Long battery life for full shift recording
Pre-record captures the moments that matter
Full HD recording in 1080p
Bluetooth® & Wi-Fi® connectivity
Peer-assisted recording
Secure file encryption
Flexible mounting options

The toughened exterior of the VB400 resists rain, snow and dust. Tested to military standards, the result is a body-worn camera that works when you need it. The large central button and robust side switch are positioned for easy operation, even when wearing gloves.

Talking Headsets


  • Dynamic MESH
  • Voice control
  • APP control
  • Configuration tool
  • Ambient sound
  • Rechargeable battery

Great teamwork can do wonders, what if the team operates in a noisy, harsh environment and members are spread out in the field – yet still must perform optimally together? Like construction workers, miners and numerous other professionals? The new Sordin Share combines safe hearing protection with first-class medium-range intercom that truly breaks teamwork barriers.

Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC™)
Sordin Share is based on a mesh network solution designed specifically for secure, critical team intercom. As an off-network solution without a dedicated base station, Sordin Share works everywhere without any additional equipment.

Voice control
Just say “Hey Sordin” followed by a command. That’s how easy it is to activate the many functions in Sordin Share. The intuitive voice control lets you use both hands for actual work, at all times.

App control
The Sordin Share smartphone app allows team members to easily set, adjust and use the many features. It’s just as simple and intuitive as you’ve learned to expect from any modern smartphone app.

VERSION: Headband
TYPE: Electronic
SNR = 30
H = 35
M = 27
L = 20

Additional information

Style Headband, Helmet Mount
Ear seal Gel seal, TPU Foam

Motorola DP26000e


You want to connect your workforce together to improve efficiency and safety. You expect your radios to fit into your organisation today and to be flexible enough to meet your needs in the future.

Versatile and powerful, the MOTOTRBO DP2000e Series combines the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest digital technology. DP2000e Series radios offer best-in-class audio in a scalable solution to meet your communication needs. The radios can operate in analogue or digital mode, allowing you to make the transition to digital at your own pace and budget.

The DP2000e Series radios can remaster your workplace and the way

people collaborate to help you achieve even greater productivity, safety and cost-effectiveness.

Motorola DP4000e


The MOTOTRBO DP4000e Series is a family of
ETSI DMR Standards compliant digital radios
that delivers operation-critical voice and data communications. Bluetooth audio lets you talk without wires, integrated Wi-Fi enables remote software updates, and indoor and outdoor location- tracking capabilities give you total visibility of 

your resources. With support for trunking as well as legacy analogue technology, you can keep your organisation connected as it grows. 


Safeguard your staff with responsive push-to-talk technology. The prominent orange emergency button on DP4000e Series radios summons
help with one touch, using Transmit Interrupt to clear a channel when necessary. An integrated accelerometer senses if you’ve fallen, and can initiate a call for assistance. The radio is tested 

to military standards and is waterproof to IP68. It won’t let you down. 


Text messaging and Work Order Ticketing simplify complex communications and data capabilities support advanced applications. Featuring a powerful audio amplifier, these radios deliver loud, clear speech, with industrial noise cancellation for better intelligibility. The latest energy technology delivers up to 28 hours of battery life for 3-shift working, and an improved receiver boosts range by up to 8% compared to previous models. 

Motorola SL1600

The MOTOTRBO SL1600 provides reliable push-to-talk communication for the mobile, everyday user in an ultra-slim and rugged profile. Whether you’re coordinating stewards at an event or managing workers in the field, the SL1600 is boldly designed to keep you efficiently connected. 

The latest technology works to make operation of the SL1600 simple and straightforward. Ergonomic design allows one-handed radio operation, and a versatile accessory portfolio gives you the freedom to focus on the job at hand. 

The SL1600 is compatible with the MOTOTRBO features you’ll find 

are business-essential, for example a transmission can be interrupted to prioritiSe critical communications. Additionally, the SL1600 supports both digital and analogue radio technology to fit seamlessly into your existing communication system. 

DP4400 Two-Way Radio

The Motorola DP4400 offers some of the best voice and data features offered by the company today. The two-way radio unit can be integrated with both GPS and also a Bluetooth earpiece and microphone. The DP4400 is also highly robust and meets the IP57 specifications for submersibility. There are also added features that make the use of the unit safe for professionals in a wide range of settings. These features include an emergency button as well as an “Intrinsically Safe” option for use in hazardous environments.

This walkie talkie unit is highly customizable with up to 32 channels, both UHF and VHF frequency bands and five programmable buttons. This makes it a great choice for those who have specific communications needs that require a more customized or tailored solution.

Motorola DP4400

DP1400 Two-Way Radio

As one of the entry-level models in the Motorola product line, the DP1400 has many attractive features that make it a great choice for two-way radio hires, while remaining one of the most affordable options. Like many of Motorola’s portable radio products, this unit can function in both analogue and digital modes.

It is also built to last and features IP54-rated dustproof and splash-proof protection. This makes it a good choice for those who need communications solutions for rough environments but still need to balance these needs with a limited budget.


DP3441 Two-Way Radio

This smaller two-way radio from Motorola is great for its ease of use. This model is extremely lightweight and fits comfortably in your hand. You can also affix it to a belt for portability. Like all of Motorola Solution’s products, the unit has outstanding audio quality and has a battery life that will match or outperform most of the walkie talkies on the market today.

Many Motorola two-way radios, including the DP3441, also feature intelligent audio technology. This allows the unit to automatically adjust the volume to ensure that you will always hear the voice on the other end, regardless of any background noise.


Motorola DM4000

TMDelivery drivers or freight shippers, unloading cargo or crawling in traffic, how do you keep your fleet in touch and your customers in the loop? MOTOTRBO digital solutions can transform your enterprise and make employee interactions smarter and safer. Our DM4000 Series radios have expanded capabilities, like full colour displays and integrated data, to empower people like never before. 

That’s why it’s critical to choose the only accessories certified to perform with MOTOTRBO 

radios. Our DM4000 Series accessories help remaster your workflow – with forward- thinking features like integrated Bluetooth® and Intelligent Audio – so you can collaborate more efficiently, wherever your people go. 

 Wave PTX

Push-To-Talk (PTT) is no longer only for two-way radios. Group communication can now include those who rely on smartphones and broadband devices as well as two-way radios. WAVE PTX is a network independent multimedia communication subscription service that instantly connects your team at the push of a button. 



Motorola SLR5000 (Repeater)

Motorola repeaters are some of the best on the market today and are great for ensuring that the portable digital radios that you use on your business premises will function at their best. The SLR5500 can function in both digital and analogue modes to accommodate the needs of your current collection of walkie talkies. The unit also incorporates many handy features including an integrated battery charger.

The unit is also built with the specifications that will be needed by future generations of walkie talkies. This makes it a wise investment for those who always want to have access to the latest technology with their two-way radio hires.

SLR5500 (Repeater)

Motorola 2 Wire Covert Earpiece with Acoustic Tube

Motorola 2 Wire Covert Earpiece Mic

Motorola D Type Two-Way Radio Earpiece Mic

Motorola D Type Earpiece Mic

Choose Motorola For Your Next Two-Way Radio Hire

These Motorola two-way radio products, along with other models, are available for hire through EARS Plc. Our team offers two-way radio hires on both short- and long-term lease schedules. To find out more about what an EARS Plc. hire can do to provide you with the two-way radio solutions you need to improve your communications, contact one of our representatives today. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and provide you with the Motorola products that you need.

If you are looking for a top-tier two-way radio, along with Bluetooth earpieces, for your next radio hire, then consider the advanced radio options offered by Motorola. You will find that Motorola’s two-way radios, with or without earpieces, are perfect for any communications needs you might have. The walkie talkies produced by Motorola are known for their cutting-edge components and security features, and so they make a great choice for both amateur and professional use.

We also lease and sell radios from Hytera, Tait and Icom.

If you need some help choosing the right two-way radios for your business, event or team, then get in get in touch. You can also read our two-way radio hire guide which may answer any questions you may have.

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