Wide Area Coverage

EARS plc offers wide area radio networks in Trunking. They are confidential, secure and resilient systems suitable for disaster recovery applications and support both handheld and mobile devices. We control and maintain our own Aerial Sites which are located at Guys Hospital and Millbank Tower in central London, Warwick Estates in West London and an extra high site on Highgate Hill in North London providing full wide area coverage throughout the M25.

EARS plc operate a number of aerial sites across the city of London and UK wide which are essential for long-range radio coverage. Space on these sites is available to rent and our engineers provide a fully comprehensive support service.

Ears PLC provides design and installation services for local and wide area mission critical and resilient Tetra solutions along with independent systems integration services for Private Mobile Radio (PMR). As EARS plc is not tied to any manufacturer we are able keep an independent eye on the latest technology, utilising the best available solution for any environment.

By bringing together our experience in communications systems support with an independent approach to the design and integration of the latest technologies Ears PLC has been able to develop a range of managed services for PMR and mission critical resilient communications which has put us at the forefront of Digital Tetra and conventional systems integration and deployment.

We provided services for Millbank Tower in London – which demanded high-quality, flawless performance in communications.

Unique Equpiment Provision, Service & Handling

  • Free Coverage Trials
  • VoIP Technology
  • Large Range of Base Stations available to rent or buy
  • Maintenance Contracts including 24hr support, 365 days a year!
  • Wider Area Coverage – Highgate Site Facilities available
  • Repeaters offer long range application: 20-25 miles from site with absolute channel clarity.
  • Licence Free
  • Fixed, cost effective solutions – All Inclusive Monthly Rental Rates
  • Low deposit
  • Large range of handportables, base stations and mobile vehicle units
  • Immediate delivery
  • Demonstrations available

What is Capacity Plus?

  • Trunking capabilities
  • Capacity Plus Capabilities
  • Digital Features Supported
  • Rest Slot function
  • Data revert functionality
  • Fault toleranceendent

What isTrunking?

A trunking radio system differs from a conventional radio
system in the way it shares channels between radios



• 1 channel to one or more groups of user
• Employs no logic in call handling
• Usually 1 call to 1 channel
(2 to 1 with MOTOTRBO digital)

• A trunking system shares a pool of
channels for a large number of users
• Automatically assigns available
channel to requesting user
• Lowers probability that calls will be
blocked because an open channel will
be found easier
• Allows fewer channels to support
larger amounts of users)

What is Capacity Plus?

  • Single site trunking configuration
  • Software ONLY design : NO CONTROLLER NEEDED
  • Trunk up to 12 digital voice slots
  • Dedicate up to 24 additional digital data revert slots
  • Supports 255Talk Groups
  • 65,535 programmable radio IDs
  • Capacity for up to 1200 active radios PLUS larger amounts of data
  • Digital Feature Only

System Configuration

Capacity Plus Features

  • PTT ID
  • Call Alert
  • Individual Call
  • Voice Privacy
  • Emergency (w/TG revert)
  • Radio Check
  • Radio Inhibit
  • Talkgroup Scan
  • All Call/SystemWide Call

All Call

Data Capabilities

Capacity plus supports all legacy data capabilities:

Data capabilities have been enhanced to support larger fleets


Fully Loaded Capacity Plus System

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