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Hytera is a world-class manufacturer of both radio transceivers and portable two-way radio systems. Founded in Shenzhen, China, in 1993, the brand supplies top-of-the-line communications equipment to global clients. One of their largest current clients is the Ministry of Public Security in China. With Industry 4.0 manufacturing centres in China and Spain, they have an annual production capacity of five million units.

Hytera is an industry leader in terms of its research and development into contemporary walkie talkie technology. They constantly pursue new avenues to incorporate the latest components and concepts into their radio designs. In fact, Hytera currently operates ten international research and development centres around the world. Almost half of the entire workforce of the business is involved in research and development. This accounts for almost a fifth of the country’s operating budget. This has allowed the company to have a solid grasp of how to provide the communications solutions that their customers want and makes it a great choice for those looking for the best in two-way radios to buy for your event or organisation.

Why Are Hytera Two-Way Radios A Good Choice?

Hytera is an excellent choice for both professional and commercial use, as well as for more informal purposes. The portable radios produced by Hytera have some of the best audio and equalizer settings to ensure that the sound quality is perfect regardless of the conditions that you are working in.

Hytera portable radios have been used in a wide variety of commercial settings. They are excellent options for those working in the field of public safety, such as police officers or emergency medical personnel. Hytera walkie talkies have been used in the utilities and energy sector, as they are ideal for workers spread out over a wide range and who operate in hazardous environments under all manner of weather conditions. Hytera radios are also excellent for use in transportation applications, such as for use in taxis and buses.

Hytera portable radios are also world-renowned for their high-quality standards. The company has passed the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSA S18001 certifications and implements the Six Sigma management system. With this impressive adherence to the best practices in the communications industry, you can be confident that any two-radios that you purchase from Hytera will be able to withstand even the most rigorous conditions.

This blend of advantages is the primary impetus behind why EARS Plc. is proud to offer Hytera products for our clients. Our team admires the commitment to the development of innovative and new communications technologies and, as a world leader in this area, Hytera is a natural fit for us.

What Are Some Of The Hytera Walkie Talkies Offered By EARS Plc.?

Hytera offers a wide range of two-way radio systems to suit the specific needs of a diverse array of international clients. With new research insights and development findings being incorporated into their designs all of the time, their product catalogue offers some of the most advanced radio products on the market today. Some of the Hytera walkie talkies and components available to buy from EARS Plc. include:

PD785 Two-Way Radio

The Hytera PD785 is perfect for those who are looking for a comfortable and ergonomic design in their two-way radio. This unit has a large colour display that is highly visible under all operating conditions, even bright daylight. The powerful antenna can also be used for GPS purposes, with the PD785G GPS option. In terms of audio quality, this model uses digital error-correction technology to ensure that your voice will get through even when you are speaking from a noisy or busy environment.

Hytera PD785

PD605 Two-Way Radio

Like the PD785, the Hytera PD605 is also available in a GPS-compatible version; the PD605G. The GPS can easily be used for GIS applications as well. This walkie talkie unit stands out for being highly compact and compatible with a wide variety of Hytera applications. The PD605 can operate in both analogue and digital mode making it more versatile than many units on the market today. If you are looking for a long-lasting, two-way radio that is easy to use and can function well in a wide variety of applied settings, then this is the right unit for you.

As with most of the two-way radios offered by Hytera, the PD605 comes complete with advanced secure communication technologies. These include both basic and advanced digital encryption, as well as a “scrambler feature” which can be used while the unit is in analogue mode.

Hytera PD605

X1E Two-Way Radio

Hytera’s X1E Covert Radio is the world’s smallest full-power DMR radio. With a refined design that is balanced with a high degree of functionality and structural rigidity, the unit is highly durable. Communications through this Hytera radio have enhanced security through an AES encryption algorithm and a 256 digit dynamic encryption key. The Hytera X1E is also compatible with Bluetooth earpieces for added security and enhanced ease of use.

X1E Covert Radio

Hytera 2 Wire Two-Way Radio Covert Earpiece Mic

Hytera Bluetooth earpiece microphones are compatible with a wide range of Hytera radios.

Hytera 2 Wire Covert Earpiece Mic

Hytera D Type Two-Way Radio Earpiece Mic

Hytera Bluetooth earpieces and mics are compatible with a wide range of Hytera radios.

Hytera D Type Earpiece Mic

Hytera RD65 Portable Two-Way Radio Repeater

The Hytera RD65 is fully portable analogue and digital two-way radio repeater. It is light, compact and can be easily carried by hand or in a rucksack. This make’s it ideal for outdoor events that require boosted coverage. It can also be mounted in a rack or on the wall in your command centre. Our clients have purchase this repeater unit for music events and events with large crowd attendance.

Hytera RD965 Repeater for Two-way radios

Buy Hytera Two-Way Radios For Your Next Event or Project

These Hytera products, along with other models, are available through EARS Plc. Our team offers two-way radio purchase, long-term leasing and short-term hire. To find out more about how EARS Plc can help with your two-way radio requirements, contact one of our representatives today. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and provide you with the Hytera products that you need.

If you are looking for a top-tier two-way radio for your organisation, then consider the advanced radio options offered by Hytera. You will find that Hytera two-way radios, with or without earpieces, are perfect for any communications needs you might have. The walkie talkies produced by Hytera are known for their cutting-edge components and security features, and so they make a great choice for both amateur and professional use. We also lease and sell radios from Motorola, Tait and Icom.

If you need some help choosing the right two-way radios for your business, event or team, then get in get in touch. You can also read our two-way radio hire guide which may answer any questions you may have.

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