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Ears is one of the largest and most experienced supplier and maintainer of radio systems and infrastructure in the UK, currently delivering maintenance and support services to a diverse cross section of users across the UK. We have comprehensive experience of not only designing and installing radio communications solutions but also in the maintenance and development of those systems. As a manufacturer independent supplier, we are able to supply and tailor equipment to meet any specific needs.

Ears Plc has a depth of technical resources and expertise which are second to none in every aspect of radio systems and ground based networks who can contribute to the success of this project. Our thorough understanding of communications infrastructure and our commitment will enable us to provide you with a service that will surpass your expectations.

Experience and Capability

We are a company dedicated to delivering the complete radio solution. EARS plc has been providing solutions since 1999 including the commissioning, design and installation of communication systems throughout the UK and Europe. During this time we have built critical strategic relationships with the leading manufacturers, thus enabling us to offer complete turnkey solutions.


EARS plc has a policy of only using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components and accessories resulting in the confidence of increased product lifespan.

In-house Expertise

In delivery of the service EARS plc will utilise its existing stocks and manpower and will not sub-contract any element. We believe this reduces the exposure of risk to our clients and exceeds contractual requirements.


Ears Plc has a proven track record in the design and implementation of digital radio solutions both for mission critical and non mission critical environments. As a technology neutral organisation we are ideally placed to offer our customers the best advice and equipment available. Our project team will work closely with your business to ensure that the solution is deployed efficiently and to the your requirements.

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