Teldio from EARS

Teldio from EARS


EARS has partnered with Teldio, a two-way radio applications provider that delivers solutions for improving worker efficiency, safety, and cost reduction for B2B customers. Teldio applications use the popular MOTOTRBO system from Motorola which is a versatile digital system of portable and mobile radios, repeaters and accessories that delivers increased capacity and integrated voice and data communication.

When coupled with the Capacity Plus single-site trunking solution, you can expand your communication capacity to enable up to 1200 radio users to share voice and data communication on the same system.

Teldio offers the following solutions:

PBX+ Plus
RBX +Plus (Radio Branch Exchange) is the first digital radio telephony system designed to meet the needs of industries that require a customizable private mobile telephony network. This product allows digital radios to communicate with phones while accessing familiar telephony features.

Download the PBX+ Brochure here

Alarm Control System
Alarm Control System (ACS) is a software application that automatically dispatches safety and business critical alarms to MOTOTRBO digital radios and other mobile devices. If an alarm is raised the Alarm Control System will immediately identify the available employees and escalate the alarm until it is acknowledged, resolved and closed.

Download the ACS brochure here

Indoor Positioning System
The Indoor Positioning System locates and tracks people and assets inside a building. The solution provides real-time location data of radio and mobile phones users using Bluetooth beacons connected to a LAN. Indoor Positioning can be used in conjunction with the Alarm Control System to route emergency notification messages to a person according to his or her location within a building. For example, a fire alarm triggered in a specifc building can be routed to a radio user within that building to minimize response time. Bluetooth Positioning Beacons installed in key locations of a facility allow organizations to track and position any Bluetooth device (such as mobile phones, Bluetooth-enabled digital radios and tags) inside buildings.

Download the IPS Brochure here

Centralised Lone Worker
The Centralised Lone Worker Module raises an alarm whenever a radio or mobile phone user does not respond to a regular safety check. The software application automatically sends messages and monitors responses from digital radio and mobile phone users. Centralized Lone Worker regularly sends ‘alive check’ messages to employees. If an employee fails to respond to the ‘alive check’ request an emergency alarm is immediately raised to supervisors and support teams.

Download the CLW Brochure here

R2R Recording
R2R Recording provides the necessary solution for businesses to implement enhanced audit trails, increase their operational accountability, minimise their legal liabilities, improve thier training material and refine their customer service.

R2R Recording allows network administrators to record, log and playback any group call on MOTOTRBO two way radio networks, allowing users to record both Radio to Radio and Phone to Radio conversations.

Download the R2R Brochure here

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