Constructing Safety with EARS plc

Constructing Safety with EARS plc

EARS plc work with a number of high profile construction and building companies to provide secure and reliable services for all of their operatives on sites around the UK. We have been working particularly closely with Horizon Builders Ltd (part of the Horizon Group London), leasing two-way radios for over 10 years on large construction projects around the southeast. Last year Horizon Builders won the contract to convert a large existing commercial unit into an exclusive art gallery. The project was dispersed over three floors and included modifications which opened up expansive office spaces, creating airy open environments, perfect for the gallery space.

Working to an extremely tight deadline of only one month over the Christmas holidays the Horizon Group needed to employ in excess of 100 workers to help with the job. EARS plc were commissioned to ensure secure and reliable communications in a volatile working environment. To ensure all operatives were covered EARS supplied an extra 80 Vertex EVX261 radios to extend their already existing fleet and employed specialty safety features for those workers who were dangerous or working through the night.

Now Eden Fine Art Gallery part of Eden Fine Art group which has international acclaim for the contemporary expression art they promote which conveys an optimistic and colorful viewpoint on life which sits perfectly in the new space.

For information on how to keep your team safe with reliable communications contact EARS plc on 02089646699.

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