Motorola’s Longest Life Battery!!!

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Motorola’s Longest Life Battery!!!

It seems like recharging electronic devices is a constant struggle for everyone these days. But when your Motorola radio is one of your most important security devices for your business, it is critical that its battery performance is reliable. Although different users have different battery requirements based on cost and durability, we can all agree that better battery life capacity is key.

The new Motorola MOTOTRBO IMPRES 2450 mAh, available from EARS plc, offers better performance and an increased capacity without an increase in size or weight**. If you are looking for a more robust Motorola battery that lasts for longer before it needs to be replaced, then this battery might be just what you need!

Call EARS today to talk about our Motorola two-way radio hire plans and to test out this new battery!

**compared to PMNN4409BR IMPRES 2250mAh battery

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