NOISE-COM 200 Hearing Protection Headset

NOISE-COM 200 Hearing Protection Headset.
NOISE-COM 200 Hearing Protection Headset. Ears Plc

NOISE-COM 200 Hearing Protection Headset

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SAVOX Noise-COM 200 Hearing Protection Headset has been developed to meet the highest demands of durability, ergonomics and hear through capabilities. It provides effective hearing protection against everyday noises present during demanding tasks, while still enhancing situational awareness to the maximum.
SAVOX Noise-COM 200 is specially designed for police, fire & rescue and military personnel, working in changing environments, from traffic accidents to critical rescue missions, where hearing protection and situational awareness are crucial in order to complete the demanding tasks involved in saving lives.

With the voice-prompted menu, the user can find the most suitable audio settings for the mission or adjust them spontaneously to adapt in changing situations. With a long battery life, the headset provides reliable communication and hearing protection for the whole mission. Changeable communication microphone options always provide the best two-way communication solution, regardless of the critical task.

The headset is comfortable, yet very robust and durable. It can be used in the harshest conditions, from freezing temperatures to high heat and moisture. The headset can be submerged in water without damaging the electronics or audio components.

Options: (all options come with Electret boom mic)

  • Slim headband QR4 Black
  • Slim headband QR4 Orange
  • Slim headband 3.5mm socket
  • Helmet version QR4 Orange
  • ARC Helmet rail mount adaptors QR4 Black

Key Benefits:

  • Slim design. Will fit a rescue helmet or even under a fire helmet.
  • Hear through capabilities. Excellent situational awareness.
  • 2-step super hearing. Enhance your situational awareness when using the Noise-COM 200 together with ear plugs.
  • Excellent passive noise attenuation.
  • Several communication microphone options
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • 2x AAA battery driven, operational time ~250 hours.
  • Automatic shutdown when headset not used for 2 hours.
  • Voice-prompted menu helps the user find the perfect personal audio settings.
  • Tested according to MIL-STD-810.