Two Wire Covert Kit with Acoustic Tube for Two-way Radios


Two Wire Covert Kit with Acoustic Tube for Two-way Radios

A two-wire covert kit complete with acoustic tube and in-line push-to-talk button and microphone. This is ideal for demanding covert security applications where sound clarity and durability are of paramount importance.

The plug from the radio terminates into a junction box which feeds both leads: one connection has a high quality acoustic tube, covert earpiece with a soft rubber bud, making it very comfortable to wear for long periods, whilst the other lead has a compact mic with press to talk button. For any compatible products that are not already listed please call our sales team on 0208 964 6699 or email the sales


If you need some assistance with the communications of your next event, a specific project or team, please do not hesitate to contact us. EARS has over 20 years expertise in two-way radio hire and long-term leasing. Our experts are extremely knowledgeable and will advise on the most suit comms system for your requirements.

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Features & Benefits

Covert vest

A redesigned covert vest provides greater comfort and fit and there is a new calf harness which allows the carriage of the radio on the lower leg – a useful option for surveillance operatives in hot environments where lightweight shirts are worn.


The two-wire kit can be upgraded to full covert use by the addition of an inductive receive accessory to provide a full covert solution with the addition of a wireless earpiece.

Clothing clip

Ideal for covert staff or door men working at clubs etc.

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