G Shape Earpiece with PTT for Two-way Radios


G Shape Earpiece with PTT for Two-way Radios

Featuring good audio quality and PTT & Mic, this G shape earbud is a cost-effective alternative to the original Motorola earpiece. This earpiece is great for most users, including retail workers, bar staff, security staff, restaurant staff and even organisations.   For any compatible products that are not listed below please call our sales team on 020 8964 6699. or email the sales team :info@earsplc.com.


If you need some assistance with the communications of your next event, a specific project or team, please do not hesitate to contact us. EARS has over 20 years expertise in two-way radio hire and long-term leasing. Our experts are extremely knowledgeable and will advise on the most suit comms system for your requirements.

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Features & Benefits


The G Shape Earpiece is soft and discreet. The earbud fits nicely in the ear and keeps conversations private.


The earpiece is compatible with two-way radios walkie talkie that requires Motorola Multi-Pin plug. For example, GP140, GP240, GP280 etc.


Provides excellent durability, reliability and performance in a low profile environment.

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