EARS PLC Implements Two-way Radio Network for Santis Global

two-way radio network for Santis Global

EARS PLC Implements Two-way Radio Network for Santis Global

In this case study, find out how we helped Santis Global – an international courier service – to improve communications within Central London and the M25 through the implementation of EARWAVE.

About Santis Global

Established in 2014, Santis Global is an international courier service and courier broker specialising in business services and logistics. Its services include international couriers, economy couriers, international multi-ship and multi-rate shopping, same-day couriers, passenger cars, fulfilment, stationery and storage.

The challenge

Prior to engaging with EARS PLC, Santis Global was using mobile phones to communicate and manage courier despatch. However, this system was inaccurate, cumbersome and made it incredibly difficult to find out when and where parcels were collected or delivered.

To make matters worse, the phones were also unreliable. Due to poor coverage, couriers couldn’t get through to despatch right away; the devices weren’t user-friendly (many couriers were wearing large gloves and struggled to press the buttons); and there was no ‘broadcast’ call option for group updates.

Taking all of this into account, Santis Global  realised it needed a fast, wide-area communications system that would allow couriers and dispatch to communicate in real time and track parcels.

Engaging EARS PLC

Santis Global spent some time evaluating suppliers of wide-area, two-way radio communication networks before being recommended EARS PLC.

While there were several other suppliers of wide-area, two-way radio communication networks, Santis Global decided to work with EARS PLC for two reasons:

  • EARS PLC has established a great reputation for solving communication problems and providing courier companies with effective, immediate communications – and EARS PLC has excellent coverage within the Central London area.

The Two-Way Radio Solution

To address the problem, EARS PLC proposed implementing a bespoke Motorola Capacity Plus Trunked two-way radio network (named EARWAVE) for Central London and the M25. Before full deployment, a trial of the system was carried out to ensure it performed to the Santis Global’s  standards and provided the range required.

The EARWAVE system deployed by EARS PLC is a wide-area network (up to 25 miles of range) that dynamically allocated channel resources, enabling clear communication. By using the EARWAVE system, Santis Global couriers and despatch are able to communicate (using their two-way radios) in real-time during peak periods, all without having to wait for channel allocation.

Furthermore, as EARS PLC operate multiple aerial sites in and around London and is manned by engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, total reliability and security is ensured.

As a fixed cost solution, EARWAVE also provides cost control. There are no channel fees, the equipment can be rented, leased or bought and configuration is simple: just plug-and-play.

The results

Thanks to the EARWAVE two-way radio network deployed by EARS PLC, Santis Global has moved from a slow and inconsistent mobile system to a fully functional wide-area communication network within a couple of days. The EARWAVE system has significantly improved speed of communication and dialling has become a thing of the past as couriers and despatch just press a button to talk.

Also, because the system is plug-and-play, no additional training or support was required; Santis Global equips couriers with two-way radios and they can immediately communicate with despatch.

With the EARWAVE system in place, enabling communications to be scaled considerably and cost effectively, Santis Global is now in a position to expand its services beyond the M25.

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