Kostas Goniadis

Kostas Goniadis

Workshop Engineer

EARS plc is delighted to welcome Kostas to the EARS plc engineering team.

Originally learning his trade as a telecommunications engineer for the Hellenic air force, Kostas came to EARS with a wealth of experience. For over 15 years he worked on repairs on microelectronics and micro bga. He also has experience in embedded programming using C and assembly languages.

Kostas is an expert on 3G/4G BTS systems. For 10 years, before he joined EARS plc, he was responsible for the upgrading and commissioning of Vodafone networks in his home country, Greece. He has particular experience in wireless technology such as Wi-Fi, GSM, DCS, WCDMA, LTE and PtP radio links. He has five year’s experience on UPS and battery backup system and he is trained in tower climbing and working at heights.

Kostas is already servicing and programming radios for EARS as well as creating custom solutions for many of our clients.

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