EARS Plc. – Walkie Talkies For Retail Shops

EARS Plc – Walkie Talkies For Retail Shops

Two-way Radio Hire for Retail Stores

Working with some of the leading brands in the retail space has enable EARS plc to become one of the leading two-way radio hire providers in the UK. To date, EARS has supplied two-way radios to the likes of River Island, Walmart, Westfield, Debenhams, Liberty and Harvey Nichols.

Running a retail store takes expertise in prioritising, organising, and communicating. Using walkie talkie systems that have been specifically designed for retail stores will allow you to run your business with ease.

With two-way radios for retail stores, you will benefit from better store and employee efficiency, an improved customer experience, and increased efficiency in checking your stock room and communicating with the shop floor. You will also create a safer working environment for your employees by being able to keep an ear on everything happening in your store and coordinating quickly in the event of an emergency.

During big sales events, you will also benefit from having walkie talkies for your shop staff. These chaotic times can quickly overwhelm the unprepared but, with open lines of communication, you will be able to organise your teams to serve your customers better.

Maintaining the safety, security, and smooth operation of your retail stores will be significantly enhanced by a walkie-talkie rental from EARS Plc.

Why Consider Two-Way Radios For Retail Stores?

Virtually all members of a retail team will benefit from the use of walkie talkies for shop staff. For your security and loss prevention staff, you can rapidly and clearly communicate observations and move to intercept would-be thieves before they can cut into your bottom line. You can communicate anti-social behaviour that is taking place in your retail store to coordinate appropriate resources to deal with it. Walkie talkies for shops can also integrate communications with local police and broader Shopwatch schemes to ensure that the resources you need to mitigate this unpleasantness are available.

Walkie talkies are also for shop staff in other areas of your retail environment. They can be used by workers and warehouse staff to communicate with incoming deliveries and coordinate package shipments. Communications between the stock room and the shop floor are also aided using walkie talkies for shop staff.

Managers can use them to interact with all members of their staff to ensure that all departments are running smoothly. Floor staff like cleaners can also rely on walkie talkies for shops to quickly respond to emergency messes that need attention.

For emergencies and evacuations, two-way radios for retail stores will also provide a means of rapidly organising the movement of people out of your store.

Two-way radio hire for shop staff security

Technical Considerations For A Two-Way Radio Hire

Technical consideration of two-way radio in retail

Two-way radios are fantastic for retail stores because they will provide every team on your staff with a dedicated channel to communicate. With many different teams functioning independently and in tandem with each other in a retail store, you can effectively design a communications system with walkie talkies for shops that avoids unnecessary interruptions and allows messages to reach precisely the people who need to hear them.

You will also benefit from setting up a central command centre to combine your use of two-way radios with CCTV especially for bigger retailer stores. From this hub, members of your security team can keep an eye on your store and coordinate quickly using walkie talkies.

Licenses for walkie talkies for shop staff can be easily obtained through the Shopwatch Scheme or through the shopping centre management administration of your retail centre.

Your security teams will also benefit from using VideoCam technology that can be implemented with walkie talkies for retail stores to provide visual evidence of any unsavory behaviour in your store. Rental earpieces allow for more discrete communications between your store detectives and loss prevention team.

Two-way Radio Hire for Shop Staff

What Is Provided With An Ears Plc Two-Way Radio Hire?

EARS Plc can provide everything you need to set up a two-way radio system your staff run your stores efficiently, whether it’s for crowd control for in-store events, to catch shoplifters or for general day-to-day communication. Beyond this, your staff should initially be instructed in the basic use of the equipment. More specific details of what equipment we can offer can be found on the main Hire Radios page.

In larger retail outlets, an important consideration is making sure to have enough area-wide coverage. For this purpose, you might also require the hire of repeaters for long-range receiving and transmitting to ensure that communications are clear and consistent for all areas throughout the venue. Standard walkie talkies for retail stores come with a working range of up to three miles which should be enough for even the major big-box retailers. EARS Plc also offers noise-cancelling headsets and loud hailers to ensure that the noise of crowds of shoppers will not drown out important messages between your team especially in the case of an emergency.

While you and your staff may be new to the world of two-way radios, it takes experience to know how to properly set up a two-way radio system for maximum efficiency. Consider the unique communication demands of your store and EARS Plc will be happy to assist you in finding a two-way radio solution for hire. Regardless of your needs, EARS Plc will ensure that all equipment is up-to-date and in good working order.

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Retailers that use EARS Plc for Two-Way Radio Hire

Fenwick, Louis Vuitton, John Lewis, Westfield, River Island, Gap, M&S, Guess, Next , Foot Asylum, Mothercare, Gucci , Wagamama , Urban Outfitters , Tempur, Aspers, Superdrug , Adidas , Stradivarius Debenhams, Liberty and Harvey Nichols, Morphe. Primark

River Island


Foot Asylum

Urban Outfitters


Buy Into The Utility Of EARS Plc Walkie Talkies For Retail Stores

As the manager of a retail store, you need to remain in constant contact with many different teams of your staff. In many cases, this cannot be done quickly using a standard public address system. Consider an EARS Plc two-way radio hire for use in your retail environment. We currently provide radio services and solutions for other major retailers including Westfield Shopping Centre, White City & Stratford, River Island Stores across the UK, along withTiffany & Louis Vuitton stores nationwide.

EARS Plc offers two-way radio hires on both short- and long-term lease schedules. With EARS Plc, you can expect that delivery and set-up of the equipment will be completed by a professional team with decades of experience in the industry.

To find out more about what an EARS Plc hire can do to provide your retail stores with the two-way radio solutions they need to function efficiently, contact one of our representatives today. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and provide you with the tools you need.


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About EARS plc

For over 20 years, EARS Plc has provided two-way radio hire and communications solutions to some of the UK’s leadings organisation. As a leader in the industry, we have the experience, technical knowledge and in-house expertise to deliver radio systems for any situation.

EARS provides two-way radio hire services to Sports Events, Music Events, Security Guards, Schools, and Film Studios. We have worked with some global brands, including Wembley, BBC, Renault, Universal, Walmart, River Island and Debenhams.

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