Two-Way Radio Hire for Sports Events

Two-Way Radio Hire for Sports Events

Putting on a sporting event of any magnitude requires effective communication before and throughout the proceedings. Unlike other types of events, sporting events require continual communication both among and between different teams. Keeping staff and volunteers organised and coordinated is essential not only for ensuring that the event runs smoothly, but also to ensure the safety of all participants. Hiring a reliable two-way radio system from EARS Plc. for your next sporting event will ensure you cover all bases and maintain the highest operational standards. We have the expertise and experience to ensure your event goes ahead without a hitch.

Who Needs Two-Way Radios At A Sporting Event?

Due to their simplicity and reliability, two-way radio hires are used for a variety of communications purposes in a variety of different contexts. Security teams, catering staff, cleaners, linesmen and referees, TV crews and camera operators, as well as first aid teams and event management staff, all require a dependable means of coordinating their efforts, both among themselves and as a whole.

The uses of two-way radios are numerous and variable at any major sporting event, from marathons to soccer matches. Consider just how essential two-way radio communication is for many sporting events, such as the Rugby World Cup in Twickenham, the London Olympics, or the British Touring Car Championships. They are used by security at entry gates to events, inside buildings around VIP and restricted areas, and in the stands to keep fans and staff safe. Two-way walkie talkies are used by event stewards around the pitch to keep players safe and to prevent people from entering the pitch. Linesmen and referees use them to facilitate the game itself.

Off the field, catering staff uses two-way radios to ensure that food is delivered to the right areas promptly and ticketing staff is frequently outfitted with walkie talkies to ensure that tickets are delivered to the right gates. Cleaners should also be equipped with two-way radios to ensure that any spills are dealt with promptly to ensure the comfort of event attendees and before they become a health and safety hazard. Perhaps most importantly of all, first aid teams use two-way radios to respond quickly to any emergencies and to communicate with ambulances and team doctors in more serious cases.

Football Referee with hired two-way radio

Technical Aspects Of A Two-Way Radio Hire

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EARS Plc. two-way radio hires can offer several technical advantages to other forms of communications. Our state-of-the-art comms equipment can provide effective communications coverage that caters to the specific demands of a major sporting event.

With the possibility of using up to one hundred dedicated channels if required and multiple frequency options, you can certainly facilitate independent channels for all of your event teams. Integrated channels should also be established and used to communicate between teams as part of a well-prepared and organised event communications plan.

Two-way radio command centre at sports ground

For major events, you will likely have a central control centre for communications management. Your event management team or security staff can direct and oversee the dissemination of information as your sporting event takes place. This can be bolstered by CCTV footage to enhance the speed at which you can respond and relay messages to team members in given areas.

To ensure stable communications throughout the event, make sure to hire sufficient spare batteries, especially for those members of your staff who will be on-the-move during this time.

While two-way radio communications offer superior communications in a sporting event context than mobile phones, walkie talkies also allow you to make calls when necessary. Interconnect telephone technology can be used, along with voice recording and alarm alerts, in the case of emergencies.

In-ear microphones can also be utilised by those members of your teams who need to have a more hands-off way of staying connected.

What Two-Way Radio Equipment Is Provided With EARS Plc Hire Service?

EARS Plc. can provide everything you need to set up a two-way radio system that meets the demands of your sporting event teams. Beyond this, your staff should be instructed on the basic use of the equipment. More specific details of what equipment we can offer can be found on our main Hire Radios page.

In a sports arena or stadium context, an important consideration is enough area-wide coverage. For this purpose, you might also require the hire of repeaters for long-range receiving and transmitting to ensure that communications are clear and consistent for all areas throughout the venue. EARS Plc. also offers noise-cancelling headsets and loud hailers to ensure that the volume of the crowd will not drown out important messages among your staff.

While you and your staff may be new to the world of two-way radios, it takes experience to know how to properly set up a two-way radio system for maximum efficiency. Consider the unique communication demands of your sporting events and EARS Plc. will be happy to assist you in finding a two-way radio solution for hire. Regardless of your needs, EARS Plc. will ensure that all equipment is up-to-date and in good working order.

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Clear Communications From EARS Plc.

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Hire Two Way Radios For Sports Events for Scottish Rugby

As an event manager, you should primarily be concerned with putting on a good event and pleasing the crowds. Since technical difficulties and faulty communications can quickly turn an otherwise well-conceived event into a disaster, you will want to have the reassurance of an established two-way radio provider behind you. Consider an EARS Plc. two-way radio hire for your next sports event. We have provided two-way radio hires for sporting events of all shapes and sizes, including Arsenal FC, Crystal Palace FC, QPR FC, and Scottish Rugby.

EARS Plc. offers two-way radio hires on both short- and long-term lease schedules. With EARS Plc., you can expect that delivery and set-up of the equipment will be completed by a professional team with decades of experience in the industry. You can view brands we’ve worked with here.

To find out more about what an EARS Plc. hire can do to provide your sporting event teams with the two-way radio solutions they need to function efficiently, contact one of our representatives today. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have and provide you with the tools you need.


Need to hire two-way radios for your next sporting event? Get in touch and our knowledgable account who will ensure your team is supplied with the best radio comms technology for your needs. 

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