These Are Five Steps You Need To Take To Discourage Retail Theft Against Your Business

These Are Five Steps You Need To Take To Discourage Retail Theft Against Your Business

Retail theft has reached £2146 M within 2011 according to the U.K. Centre of Retail Search. In addition, approximately one out of every 33 employees was apprehended for theft from their employer in 2011.

To prevent your business from retail theft, these are some of the steps you can take today to limit your losses:

1. Determine which merchandise has the “best” chances of being stolen. Identify a possible solution, if this happens, and what measures can you take to prevent this. Implement anti-theft technologies, in-store processes, awareness programs or simply better use of existing technology?

2. Perform a theft-related analysis. A theft related analysis looks at issues that are relative to a business such as how many people are affected, what would be the cost to the business etc.

3. Use CCTV cameras or evaluate their effectiveness. Is their coverage sufficient? Do you have enough hard drive space for video storage? What is the cost of a new CCTV system?

4. Sign up for a local Shopwatch scheme. The various Shopwatch schemes are organised by the Met Police and the local communities and their main goal to provide a network of interconnected retailers using two way radios. In case a shoplifter is spotted, there is instant communication between the owner and the patrolling police which acts immediately – and all networked shops in the area are notified for the shoplifter in order to take measures.

5. Hire radios from a reputable company. Shopwatch schemes offer you the opportunity to rent a high end, low cost radio system for you and your staff that is supplied from a reputable company with a long history in the field. The companies that Shopwatch schemes suggest are well researched and they are known for their customer service and their support in maintaining the radios you have hired.

EARS provides radios at various local ShopWatch schemes, including the major shopping centers Westfield White City and Stratford.

To find out more or to hire radios for your local scheme, please call us on 020 8964 6699 or e-mail

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