Motorola Phasing Out Analogue-Only Two-Way Radios

Motorola Phasing Out Analogue-Only Two-Way Radios

Motorola  announced in  2014 that they will no longer be manufacturing any analogue-only two-way radios. They have made this decision as they want to focus and concentrate their efforts on digital two-way radio and their MOTOTRBO range.

The following are the last order dates for the various Motorola analogue products:

16th February 2015: CP040 4 Channel, CP040 16 Channel, CM140, CM160, CM340, CM360, GP330, GP340, GP360, GP380, GP640, GP680, GM340, GM360, DATABOXWhat Does This Mean For You?

  • Can Motorola analogue radios still be used?
  • Is there a cost-effective alternative?
  • Is the new MOTOTRBO series compatible with analogue radios?Customer Options

Customers who currently use Motorola analogue two-way radios can continue to use them.  Spare parts and maintenance for this type of equipment will be available but new products in the above lists will no longer be available after the last order dates.

Other manufacturers such as HYT, Kenwood, Icom, Entel, Vertex Standard and Icom have not made any announcements regarding the cancellation of their analogue platforms and as such, their analogue models will still be available to purchase.

Customers who want to migrate their Motorola analogue equipment but do not want to replace all of their radio equipment in one go may choose  to purchase digital radios that can also operate on analogue mode. This  would allow for a cost effective and managed migration to digital. Customers could choose to purchase a small number of digital radios at a  time and have them programmed to communicate with their existing analogue radios, then once all of their analogue equipment has been replaced the radios would be programmed to operate on the digital platform.MOTOTRBO Digital Radios

There are 3 tiers of digital radios within the MOTOTRBO range:

  • Entry tier – DP/DM 1000 Series (including the DP1400, DM1400 and DM1600)
  • Middle tier – DP2000 Series (including the DP2400 and DP2600)
  • High tier – DP/DM 4000 Series (including the DP4400, DP4600, DP4800, DM4400, DM4600 and SL4000)
  • Motorola DP1400, Motorola DP4400, Motorola DP2000 Series, Motorola DP4600, Motorola SL Series
  • Motorola DM1400, Motorola DM1600, Motorola DM4400 DM40, Motorola DM4600

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