Increased Security with New Solutions from Motorola

Increased Security with New Solutions from Motorola

As the security needs of sectors including transportation, events, construction, leisure, hospitality and retail continually increase, advanced communications solutions come at a crucial time for security professionals. However, there is also an understanding that there is growing pressure on costs and resources and customers are savvier and regularly use high level technology in their everyday lives.

Innovative technology solutions combining voice and data will enable organisations to work more effectively while reaching higher levels of safety and productivity. Further, EARS plc will develop solutions to be tailored to suit companies of different sizes as well as the needs of technology users working in different roles.

EARS plc will independently assess all users and companies ensuring that their specific security needs are considered. Motorola solutions may include the following innovative security products.

  • Integrated GPS (with indoor tracking capabilities)
  • Man Down
  • Channel Announcement
  • Lone Worker
  • Emergency buttons
  • Wireless earpieces for covert usage
  • Fully digitally encrypted systems
  • Wide range of carrier accessories

For more information on how to address you security system needs or if you would like to discuss particular products call EARS plc on 0208 964 6699.

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