Future Proofing your Communication

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Future Proofing your Communication

EARS plc is always looking for new ways to support our clients by providing them with the latest, most cost effective and proficient technologies available in the communications’ market. One of our largest and longest held clients is a leading courier company based in central London. EARS plc began working with this company over 15 years ago, mainly providing communication services for their fleets of cars and vans. As the company grew, so did EARS support of it, and we now help the company to provide communication equipment for their expanding bike fleet starting with 300 handportables

When EARS plc began working with the London courier company many years ago most radio communication systems were developed using analogue technologies. Although analogue provided a reliable solution for their company for many years, the system could not be expanded upon because of a lack of UHF spectrum in London, and further problems arose when the company chose to relocate their offices.

EARS plc staff went back to the drawing board in order to define a communication system for the company that was efficient, cost effective and most importantly future proof. The system that EARS eventually supplied solved two key business requirements for the London courier client, they would now have greater frequency availability and a large channel capacity. They could now communicate with their courier motorbikes over the internet, thus freeing up space in their new offices by eliminating the need for desktop radio control stations and roof-top radio antennas.

Using Tait Radio technology EARS plc provided the company with a solution which utilises Band III spectrum. A range which is more readily available and has lower license costs than UHF frequencies in London. To ensure greater channel capacity the system dynamically allocates channels at alternative sites to each user for the duration of each call. The benefit to the courier company is greater channel availability and more efficient use of the available frequency spectrum, all of which could not be achieved with their previous analogue system.

The Tait system that EARS plc has configured is unique in the UK, providing technological advancement that can continue to evolve over time. Because the system works over the internet it enables EARS engineers the ability to remotely configure and monitor control sites.

As a dynamic, secure system it includes functionality advancements which allow for the allocation of groups or high level users enabling controllers to assign different priority levels to different users ensuring that in the event emergency high priority users can override other lower priority users on the radio system. The system also comes with full voice recording capability to ensure no calls are missed and a call queuing system indicates to the controller whose next in line if they are busy speaking to another user. It also offers full GPS location services to track radio users (if required) a console driven lone worker function for added employee safety and text messaging services to simplify communications.

EARS plc has initially supplied the courier company with 180 Tait TP9110 handheld digital radios, Tait TM9315 dual base stations, and a Crosswire screen based despatch and radio management system. These radios offer state-of-the-art security for users as well as incredibly clear communication. As the system is fully scalable the company can expand their system to thousands of portables as required.

If your company is currently using an out of date analogue radio system and you would like to understand how this new technology could offer a future proof communication system for your company, call EARS plc today and one of our technology experts will provide with a free site survey and system quotation for you.

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