Find out the top Eight Benefits of digital radios over analogue ones :

Find out the top Eight Benefits of digital radios over analogue ones :

When it comes to choosing a two way radio, most businesses find themselves in a confusing situation as to what to choose.

It all depends of what a business really needs. As with analogue, digital two way radios come in both licenced and licence-free versions. Their advantage over their predecessors is that voice is communicated like mobile phones – analogue equipment uses audible speech. However, digital two way radios are not only able to deliver speech in a more advanced quality but also transmit data and a range of other features and applications.

The Top 8 Main Benefits of digital radios over analogue ones:

1. Crystal clear voice – this is achieved by using voice filtering through, digital processing which screens out noise and re-constructing signals from degraded transmissions

2. Minimum investment in equipment and licencing costs– when you have twice the capacity than before it means that you need less equipment to have the same coverage for the same number of radio users.

3. Twice the capacity in existing licenced channels – to clarify, digital radios use two different protocols to send digital signal:

4. Wider coverage – the user will experience no white noise even at the edge of the coverage area until he exits the coverage area and he has no reception.

5. Longer lasting battery life and more power – longer battery is achived because the radio itself transmits only half of the time nearly every other 30 msec (TDMA).

6. Integration with text messaging, IP-based data applications, telemetry or external tools like GPS and telephone interconnect – digital radios offer the ability to separate voice and data within alternate communication systems in order to improve quality of service and further utilize a computer to control the whole system via software that serves this purpose.

7. Full compatibility with analogue systems – all digital radios operate in both their native digital format as well as in analogue mode, at the same time – and what this means is that a business can expand its coverage in manpower by using their old analogue radios.

8. Secure connection – digital signal encryption operates much as the scrambling function in analogue, but is much easier to implement and more secure.

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