EARS plc are Proud to Announce Collaboration with the Olympic Park

EARS plc are Proud to Announce Collaboration with the Olympic Park

EARS plc are proud to announce that they will be working with Balfour Beatty Workplace to fulfil their ten year contract for the legacy services and future facilities of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford, London. Following the 2012 Olympic extravaganza the park will continue to deliver new opportunities for east London. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park will stand as a beacon of spirit representing the character of the Olympic games which was felt throughout the country. The park will enable citizens of east London to continue to enjoy the Park’s unique design and facilities.

EARS plc have developed a specific aerial system for the Park with two separate infrastructure points allowing for a total of 16 channels controlled from a single control room. The radio system provides clear coverage throughout the Park and spanning to 3km outside the Park. By committing to stringent negotiations with OFCOM EARS plc were able to acquire the required amount of highly secure channels for BBW / London Legacy Development Authority.

The system uses the latest and highest quality Motorola Mototrbo radios with GPS enabled technology. These radios allow for emergency calls, lone worker safety, individual and group calling, radio alert, and remote stun/kill capability. TX interruption is a new feature which allows the controller to clear down a radio conversation in the event of an emergency. All management staff for the Park were issued with display/keypad portables configured to emulate the features that are portrayed within the control room.

Further to the core radio system EARS plc has provided the Park with hire equipment, 300 portable radios, for use during the Anniversary Games and ending ceremony concert held within the Olympic Park Stadium. Hire equipment from EARS plc will continue to be used by the Park for the many upcoming events scheduled to take place throughout the next year.

EARS plc is looking forward to continuing our relationship with both Balfour Beatty Workplace and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. For more information on your potential radio installation or hire please call us on 020 8964 6699.

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