EARS PLC Revolutionises School Communications with Walkie Talkie Hire

EARS PLC Revolutionises School Communications with Walkie Talkie Hire

For the past two decades, EARS PLC has been a trusted provider of walkie-talkie radio hire services to numerous schools, colleges, and universities. These essential communication tools, often referred to as two-way radios, play a pivotal role in ensuring effective coordination and safety across educational premises.


Two Way Radio Hire For Schools

In schools, seamless communication among teachers, administrative staff, security personnel, and groundskeepers is vital for maintaining order and student safety. Whether it’s organising students during the school day, conducting fire drills, ensuring safe arrivals and departures, or managing special events, walkie-talkies streamline these tasks and reduce stress.

EARS PLC, an industry leader in the UK, offers comprehensive solutions that enhance classroom-to-office communications, making them an invaluable addition to school environments. The use of walkie-talkies ensures efficiency during sports events, assemblies, and major functions, allowing teams to coordinate and control crowds effectively.

Teachers need walkie talkies to communicate effectively

One of the key advantages of walkie-talkie hire is its versatile use both indoors and outdoors without signal loss, making them ideal for school environments. These radios come with various channels, allowing tailored communications configurations without disrupting the entire school. Optional earpieces further enhance discreet communications, while additional considerations, such as spare batteries, chargers, and repeaters, ensure seamless operation throughout the school day.

EARS PLC offers everything you need to establish a two-way radio system tailored to your school’s unique communication needs. Their experienced team provides instructions and necessary accessories to optimize radio usage. With up to ninety-nine channels available, you can create dedicated emergency channels and other specific configurations. The ability to have clear and consistent communications across the school premises is paramount, and EARS PLC ensures area-wide coverage.

Consider the unique communication requirements of your educational institution, and EARS PLC will help you find the best two-way radio solution for hire. Their commitment to providing up-to-date, well-maintained equipment makes them a reliable partner for schools, colleges, and universities.

To learn more about how EARS PLC’s walkie-talkie hire services can benefit your educational institution, please contact their knowledgeable team. Their expertise in the field guarantees that your school’s communication demands are met efficiently.


With over 20 years of experience, EARS PLC has been a trusted provider of two-way radio hire and communication solutions to various leading organisations in the UK. They offer walkie-talkie radio systems for a wide range of applications, including sports events, music festivals, schools, security personnel, and retail stores. EARS PLC has collaborated with global brands such as Wembley, BBC, Renault, Universal, Walmart, River Island, and Debenhams, making them a reputable industry leader.

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