Two-way Radio ‘walkie-talkie’ accessories types, and functionalities.

Introduction Earpieces Headsets Speakers Headset microphones (boom mics) Throat microphones Batteries Chargers – Desktop, In-vehicle and multi-unit chargers Carry cases and holsters The correct accessory for you will depend on your personal preference or your job. Conclusion   Introduction Two-way radio accessories are an important part of the radio system that makes it convenient to use and also adds more functionalities to it, without these accessories you’re limited on what type of radio you can use or how long it will last without being charged. Here we’ll discuss some common types of [...]


Why it is important to change walkie-talkie battery every 18 months, and how to care for your batteries

Introduction Walkie-talkie battery is an important part of the radio system A high-quality battery can increase the life of a walkie-talkie. Choosing a good quality walkie-talkie battery is not just to achieve the required capacity, but also safe and reliable. Walkie-talkie battery pack’s service life depends mainly on how the user uses it. Regularly check the contact points and clean them with a wire brush or sandpaper. Walkie-talkie batteries need proper maintenance so they can be durable. Conclusion Introduction Walkie-talkies’ battery needs to be replaced every 18 months. [...]

Two-way radio ‘walkie-talkie’ Maintenance

Maintenance of Two-way radio ‘walkie-talkie’ management & Repairs. Ears Plc

Content Introduction Maintenance care is essential for your equipment to work all the time. Two-way radio ‘walkie-talkie’ maintenance repairs you should do. Why do you need a two-way radio maintenance contract? We offer two-way radio maintenance contracts that give you assurance. Our two-way radio maintenance contract? How does it work? Conclusion Introduction Two-way radios are used in a wide range of applications, from business to public safety. The radios have become more popular due to their ability to transmit voice and data. However, they are often misused or abused [...]

two-way radios walkie-talkies

Two-way radio ‘walkie-talkie’ maintenance benefit Ears Plc

Content Introduction Why is two-way radio system ‘walkie-talkie’ maintenance needed? What are the benefits of two-way radio ‘walkie-talkie’ maintenance? Two-way radio ‘walkie-talkie’ maintenance. Does your business need a two-way radio ‘walkie-talkie’ maintenance contract? Why is it essential to have a two-way radio maintenance contract? What do you get when you sign-up for our two-way radio ‘walkie-talkie’ contract? Conclusion   Introduction If you use two-way radio systems in your business, the maintenance of two-way radio ‘walkie-talkie’ is essential to keep your business running smoothly. However, they are also high-tech piece of [...]